Altazar Rossiter PhD is a modern mystic with a deeply insightful intuitive ability. He is an holistic mentor and energy facilitator. He is a pioneer in co-creative partnering with Spiritual Intelligence for the new energy paradigm of self-empowerment that’s arising in human consciousness.

For several years he has led a self-empowerment Mystery School, where people are encouraged to remember who they are at their core, and own their sovereignty. He is dedicated to sharing practices to clear the hidden obstacles to personal autonomy and alignment with Source. As such he identifies as a “SOURCERER”.

Portrait 1He appears deceptively normal at first sight. However, although he is a frequent visitor to this planet he is not originally from here. He carries energies from lifetimes in the star system known as Archturus and elsewhere.

He is an energy sensitive who operates multi-dimensionally, supporting human consciousness in transitioning out of the polarised prisons of consensus reality.

His inclusive organic approach to the human condition integrates traditional spiritual practices with new paradigm multi-dimensional awareness. After years of trying to invent a clever title for his work he settled for what everyone who has worked with him calls it … The Altazar Method.

Altazar has created a range of innovative training courses which he has taught internationally. These include a Working with Consciousness Facilitator Training Programme with the Shapers of Education Foundation in the Netherlands as well as Transforming Cellular Memory, Life Path Reading and Projection in Coaching seminars in the UK.

Altazar taught Reiki for a number of years in Ireland and is a registered facilitator of Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life seminar. His written materials have been used by the Zur Institute in California and on various other courses around the world.

Altazar Rossiter has a PhD in Semiotics (Psychoanalytic and Linguistic Theory) and a long commercial background in the oil and gas industry. He well understands the stresses of life in a corporate environment. He has embraced his essential spiritual nature and has personally learned to balance this with living in the modern world.

Altazar is blissfully married to his partner of many years. This brilliant relationship continues to grow and inform his work, particularly in the area of relationships. He is the author of two books in his own right on developing and partnering with Spiritual Intelligence, and contributed a chapter to the acclaimed Nine Degrees of Autism.

Published Work

Partnering with Spiritual Intelligence
- Grounding the Soul



Developing Spiritual Intelligence
- The Power of You

Dutch Translation ...
Spirituele Intelligentie

Chapter 8 in ...
The Nine Degrees of Autism

Nine Degrees

Altazar Rossiter PhD is a registered business in the Netherlands
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