Keep Calm …

Much of humanity is struggling to reconcile the inequalities and disproportionate imbalances that plague our cultures. That struggle creates a richly fertile soil in which resentment, fear, blame, shame, misery, outrage and conflict grow in abundance. It disrupts any sense of calmness, en masse, almost by design.

The Cosmic Dance

Over these winter months the cosmic energies have so far been intense. I’ve been deep in process myself for days at a time. Not exactly a favourite experience, but I don’t mind too much as it always takes me into deeper connection with my own essence. The last two years have been challenging in themselves, but starting with the solstice and near co-incident January full moon the intensity ramped up steadily. There have been massive spikes in the Schumann Resonance, powerful planetary dispositions and a super blood full moon coincident with a lunar eclipse. Scientific investigation confirms that all of these phenomena destabilise our energy environment, and therefore impact us. For example, one study observed that in years of peak GMS (geomagnetic stress) activity, patients admitted for myocardial infarction (heart attack) increased 25 per cent [25%]*. Ultimately everything is energy, including you and me,… Read moreThe Cosmic Dance