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Possible Origins and Root Programmes

These beings were also consummate bio-geneticists and lived in a realm of designer genetics. They were equipped to reproduce sexually, but this facility was retained mostly for entertainment. They preferred to replicate themselves by cloning, using their DNA coding, effectively making and remaking themselves in their own energetic image. They engineered themselves to fit their chosen purposes, and then re-engineered themselves to suit changing requirements. They could manage their biological bodies to last almost indefinitely.

These beings would seem to have had a kind of Utopian existence. However, the further genetic engineering of a species that had already genetically engineered itself to its idea of what it should be created blind spots. There was conflict.

The females had always possessed the creative, generative, power and wisdom. The males had always been superbly analytical: able to analyse, and replicate anything artificially, including the generative power of the females. So neither gender needed the other to sustain the existence of their species. As females and males, they effectively evolved into separate competitive sub-species.

Because of their genetic engineering capabilities both sub-species recognised the other, and likewise themselves, as surplus to the requirements of overall species survival. This meant that either one could eliminate the other, without initiating a self-extinction process. The females were capable of creating more males, with modified characteristics to suit their purposes. The males could engineer more females to suit themselves, whenever they chose.

Both sub-species became arrogant. The females regarded their generative power as having primacy. The males regarded the application of their analytical ability as being fundamental. A competition for supremacy ensued.

The female faction stopped sharing their wisdom with the males, and began to control, manipulate and oppress the males as a demonstration of their superiority. The males genetically engineered an army of beings able to dominate the females by force.

Resentments festered. An existential battle erupted.

This super-race of advanced genetic engineers became engrossed in waging an inter-gender war ~ a war of cosmic proportions that infested star systems. The females were every bit as capable of cloning an army that could prevail over its enemies by force as the males were. But the males got there first. Using their analytical expertise, the males had developed predictive algorithms that enabled their battle plans to stay one step ahead of the females.

The males succeeded in containing the female forces and taking control of the overall reality paradigms inhabited by both sides. This included control of all cloning facilities. Subsequently, any species engineered by these beings carried a misogynous implant, whatever gender was created as a preferred form.

These cloning masters were so obsessed with their self-generative power that they became totally disconnected from the primary source of all there is. They forgot where they came from. They reached a level of self-absorbed mental deception that completely obscured the influence of any intelligent creative power beyond their own. They proclaimed themselves as the original creating source and mutated themselves to believe implicitly in their self-deification. This was a fall in their level of consciousness.

At some point this super-race came upon a remote planetary system where they chose to explore their distorted generative impulses uninterrupted. They modified the indigenous hominids on one of the planets with their own DNA [image] to create servants and slaves.

The slaves were planned as non-self-aware disposable commodities to be terminated when their usefulness was over. They were to carry out menial work, and could potentially be set against each other as “teams” for the amusement of their progenitors, or to settle arguments. They were also imprinted with an imperative to comply with hierarchical structures. That way they could be controlled through the implementation of self-organising systems based on status within and between groups.

Also, because of the original master/slave imprint, the slave beings right to exist was tied energetically to the performance of useful work. This survives in the cultures that have developed over the ages as a work ethic. It informs many of the ideologies, institutions and creeds that beings originally created as slaves live by.

Although contained, the feminine principle could not be eliminated. It was too powerful to be completely crushed. It survived through the energy of its own resistance to oppression, manifesting as subversive elements within the echelons of the geneticists.

Members of the subversive faction were concerned that Universal Law may have been violated by the creation of hybrid beings through unsolicited interference with an indigenous species. These members may even have had the remnants of a compassionate conscience.

It’s also possible that residual threads of the competition for sub-species supremacy persisted. The subversive faction may simply have wanted to prove they could generate a self-aware, self-conscious life form with the ability to become self-determining and overcome the conquering male principle in time. The truth or otherwise of this may reveal itself at some point.

Whatever the ultimate intentions, the slave beings generated were secretly seeded with an en-souling consciousness. This consciousness enabled them to experience love. It also enabled them to connect with the Original Source of all there is, entirely on their own. They were not informed of this ability. They had to discover it within themselves, which could only happen if and when they developed sufficient self-awareness.

Early versions of the slave hybrids were sterile; later versions were set up to reproduce biologically. Within that biology they embodied an attribute that caused them to mutate to suit their environment. They also held the misogynous imprint of their origins in their genesis matrix, inherited from the DNA of the super-race of genetic engineers. … But they also had the potential to exceed their progenitors.

Once that potential was discovered by all factions of the geneticists an almighty row broke out. There were those determined to exterminate the new hybrids; those who thought the whole situation made an interesting experiment; and some were determined to protect them at all costs.

Many internecine battles between the super-race factions were observed by the engineered slave species. These battles were turned into primitive myths. Stories were invented that preserved in the hybrids a sense of subservience and the notion of being governed by beings with super powers and weaponry. This principle legitimising government by superior force filtered down into the cultures that the hybrids eventually developed for themselves.

Over time there were various attempts to terminate the hybrids, but they proved remarkably inventive and resilient, and prolific. They multiplied and survived many other instances of alien interference.

The prime directive [Universal Law] of non-interference with indigenous species did not fully apply, as strictly speaking the slave beings were not indigenous. They were hybrids. Their physical bodies had been generated by uninvited interference. They were anomalous bastards, although this fact was kept hidden from them.

The worst of the subsequent interference was carried out by beings that exist outside the dimensional paradigm of the hybrids. These beings were related to the original genetic engineers and they established themselves as invisible rulers, controllers of the third dimensional reality inhabited by the hybrids.

Like all beings, the controllers sustained themselves on energy. However this was not metabolic energy as in the case of the hybrids, but inter-dimensional energy, which the hybrids produced in abundance when in fear.

The hybrids were configured to retain their animal survival instincts. But these instincts were easily hijacked through mental manipulation. Specifically, the fear of dying, a function inherent to the perishable physical body. This could be triggered mentally in the hybrids so that their metabolic energy was reconfigured and radiated from them in a form they were unaware of.

This process stressed the hybrid physical bodies, so application of intense stress would cause a weight loss - body mass converted to low vibrational radiant energy. Ultimately this would exhaust the bodies, and kill them. However, the survival fear also triggered a reproductive impulse so the energy food source could be maintained. The hybrids could be farmed.

Notwithstanding all this, the inventiveness and resilience of these hybrid beings just about prevailed. They’ve proved able to survive almost anything. Furthermore, with their capacity for ensoulment, the hybrid bodies proved to be ideal vessels for high vibration souls to incarnate into so as to explore the expression of consciousness through a physical medium.

Whether that will continue to be the case is not absolutely clear. The hybrids have reached a tipping point in their consciousness where a quantum leap is necessary to shift their commonly manifested reality. There is a general sense that this will be achieved, as the cosmic environment moves into a supportive cycle. But the hybrids continue to be susceptible to control through inter-dimensional mental processes. And there are many entities outside the perception range of the hybrids exercising control through a matrix of fear, so as to feed off the energy drain that is created in the hybrids by this means.

There is evidence that the hybrids are becoming aware of the fear dynamic by which they’re manipulated. Some are also waking up to the inherent misogynous tendencies they embody. But they still don’t get how far back it goes.

The misogynous implant is a complex entanglement. It comprises the basic threads of the existential conflict of the genetic engineering super-race that created the hybrid bodies in the first place, and the survival instincts inherent in perishable animal biologies. It’s at the root of all the conflict in the world the hybrids inhabit. It sustains a power imbalance in the internal relationship they each have with themselves. And this is projected outwardly, reflecting their inner condition back to them through their outer reality. But this principle remains outside mainstream recognition.

Misogynistic belief persists in various religious doctrines, which have been enforced through violently oppressive practices. Those doctrines are riddled with inconsistencies and at the same time contain elements of universal truth. They have outlawed and all but eradicated natural spirituality, and are used to control vast swathes of the hybrid population through fear. This mechanism is an active strategy used by the inter-dimensional controllers of the hybrid world, providing them with a source of subsistence energy.

But there is light on the horizon.

All of existence is ultimately vibration, energy vibrating at different frequencies. The hybrids have been operating at much lower frequencies than they are capable of. More and more of them are beginning to realise this, and the upper limits of their operational frequency range is unknown. It’s just this range capability that the original genetic engineers were in turmoil about – because they knew it could exceed theirs and thereby threaten their own existential paradigm.

If the hybrids raise their frequency sufficiently, they will simply move their consciousness beyond the influence of the controlling energy matrix of fear completely. They can achieve this by deconstructing their own fear paradigms, i.e. transcending their survival patterns and trusting their own connection with Original Source. This will reduce, neutralise and eradicate the effects of the institutionalised fear-based control systems they’ve been living in, by stages.

A few of the hybrids know this. These are the ones needed to lead the way out of the darkness that’s been imposed on them from their inception.

The hybrids embody the potential to reach a level of consciousness necessary for their own salvation. This is way beyond that which created the situation they’re now in. Ironically, this also has the potential to be the salvation of the originating super-race of genetic engineers, healing the split that divided them into two competing sub-species.

Nevertheless, there’s no denying it will take a considerable clearing of their mental and emotional fields for the hybrids to get past all the programming that locks them into compliance with the control matrix. They must open up to the multi-dimensional brilliance that lies dormant within them, so that they are informed by the truth of their individual connection to the Original Source of all there is.

But as each individual shifts, they start to radiate a different frequency. This influences the matrix cumulatively. Subsequent individual shifts are then slightly easier, and the mechanisms of control begin to be exposed. This is the first step …

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There’s a realm of hyperdimensional beings/entities that exists outside the range of human perception. Many animals see them, cats for instance. These beings have been running humanity for thousands of years through the mental field / matrix. In Carlos Castenada’s books these beings are called predators, flyers and aliens. References to them can be found in all ancient teachings and that of many modern masters [e.g. Sri Aurobindo and Rudolf Steiner].

It seems to me that nobody has a completely accurate story, but there’s enough information to understand that all of the conflict in the world is supported from the mindsets and mental environment these invisible entities manage and manipulate. They contaminate virtually every human institution. This is not about conspiracy, it's too big for that. It's an unconscious reality that we inhabit.

There’s a sea we swim in and we don’t even have the ability to know it’s there. But when you look at the psychosis that prevails in human consciousness, it’s obvious that something is badly skewed. It’s what underwrites the endemic suppression of the feminine principle. And there’s an implicit awareness of it in the Universal Law: “As within, so without; As above, so below.” If there’s psychosis above [4th dimension], then there’s psychosis below [3rd dimension] – and vice versa.

There’s no way that 3-D polarity consciousness can deal with this. The only way out, or through it, is the raising of consciousness beyond the point of influence and unconscious interaction that infuses 3-D inter-dimensionally. That’s the transformative transition humanity is being presented with in these times.

The controllers / ruling entities know this, and they cannot stop it if we choose conscious self-empowerment. So they are effectively in fear for their own survival. What they do is project this into the 3-D environment and humanity reacts, thinking it’s their personal and collective fear, which is then played out in the physical reality we inhabit. The more we react, the more we support the controlling matrix.

No amount of protective bubbles of light, or any other strategy, will make any difference as these concepts feed the fear polarity – there must be something to be afraid of if you need protection. Compassion and the raising of the vibration you operate from within is what’s needed ~ the energy of the heart.

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