Grounding Your Soul’s Energy

A one-day transformative experience deepening your awareness and your personal connection with Source

… Are you sensitive to energies and continually feeling overwhelmed by the world you live in?

… Is it a challenge to hold your boundaries in personal interactions

… Do you wish you could follow your intuitive knowing more closely than you do now?

… Are you longing to resolve the tension between the life you lead and the existence your soul is calling you to embrace?

This workshop is interactive and experiential. It aligns with the emergent energy paradigm of self-empowerment that’s surfacing in human consciousness. You will learn a simple practice for connecting with the transformative energies of your soul – your I Am essence / Spiritual Intelligence – in co-creative partnership. This will help you clear the multi-dimensional root of many personal issues that are consistently resistant to traditional spiritual practices. It will help you in …

… Connecting with and expressing the inner guidance of your heart

… Managing your boundaries and personal interactions

… Clearing old emotional reactions and triggers

… Resolving conflicts between your inner truth and the life you lead.

Since 2012 the spiritual / energetic environment has been shifting to support a new awakening. It’s now possible to engage with your soul’s energy [your Spiritual Intelligence] so that it can ground into you and through you more powerfully than ever before. As this happens, it clears whatever is in its path, supporting you to stay in tune with your natural inner truth.

The human soul is a mighty energy. It’s a multi-dimensional creative force to be reckoned with. Much of human history has been governed by organisations that serve to keep that creative force controlled, or suppressed. The residual effects of this suppression persist energetically, programmed into your soul and ancestral memories [your Akashic record and genome/DNA coding]. These memories are inaccessible intellectually, yet they can continue to condition the expression of your deepest truth and how you interact with others.

Comments from some recent workshop participants …

By not letting me give my power away to you when I was willing to, you set an ultimate teaching and I have never met anyone else thus far who was capable of not taking it. This is the highest level of integrity I’ve ever come across. You pass this example on, for me to learn how to empower others by not taking theirs.
~ S. L. (NL)

I would just like to thank you once again for the workshop in Abington. I thoroughly enjoyed it. When I went back home later that evening, that’s when I felt like I really absorbed the benefits of the workshop. I felt like I let go of a lot things that I didn’t need anymore and it was most certainly a wonderful feeling. The energy you created was very special.
~ M. D. (UK)

Wow powerfully vulnerable
~ J.L. (NL)

I first saw Altazar on a webinar and have listened many times to his podcasts which are very insightful. This encouraged me to attend his Wisdom of the Heart Healing Circle. It was a deep and profound experience for me, where his presence and method of healing enabled me to release some old painful issues that had contributed to a chronic health condition. This gave me peace of mind and a sense that it’s safe to be me, something that was missing before.
I value Altazar’s wisdom and intuitiveness in finding the underlying issues that need to be addressed and then clearing them. I highly recommend working one to one or in a group with Altazar.
~ S.M. (Essex, UK)

Your work is very valuable and much needed. Good luck and I’ll be with you for the journey.
~ J.B. (UK)

Awesome! You’re making an amazing impact! Thank you for sharing so openly, honestly snd authentically! And thank you for everything you share with us. I’ve learned so much from our meetings and the course I attended with The Coaching Group. And your book is amazing!
~ V.O. (Norway)