Invisible Influences

It’s almost certain that you are influenced by, and influencing, others all the time. It’s a simple consequence of the fact that fundamentally everything is energy, including you and me, and energies mix, merge and react with each other.

We are all little transmitters and receivers, just like the mobile phones we carry around with us. You beam your message into the world from the organ that generates the most powerful electromagnetic field in your body – your heart.

A mobile phone is a consciously regulated appliance, directed by your intent to connect with someone else, or by their intent to contact you. But the invisible messages your heart sends and receives are unconscious and unregulated. These messages interact and interfere with each other, and just like the conventional telecommunications signals we utilise every day, without regulation they degenerate into chaos.

This unruly interaction of human energies is happening all the time all over the place. It’s universal and completely off the radar. The more sensitive you are the more you are likely to be caught in it.

The energy field of your environment can therefore be problematic, as you can be affected by the output of others – their vibe – sometimes quite adversely, especially the collective vibe of a group. The larger the group, the greater the influence. This is how cultural control programmes work. And if you’re part of the culture, you’re part of the programmes.

Those programmes are not easy to de-activate as they are deeply embedded into the way you identify yourself. Disengaging from them inherently deconstructs your self-identity, the who your mortal-mind has determined you are, which triggers intense fear, anger and an imperative to control.

These emotional reactions are part of the mind’s (ego’s) defence mechanism. Their intensity is what supports conventional interpretations of sensitivity as a personality disorder. We don’t like how it feels, so we seek ways of switching off or numbing out.

The funny thing about sensitivity is that we are all very sensitive, some of us just got very good at shutting ourselves down so as not to feel the chaos, pain and conflict in the field around us. But that’s not a great solution because when you shut down you disable yourself. You’ve effectively made an unconscious decision to function at less than your full potential.

Convention says sensitivity is an affliction. But your sensitivity is actually a vital part of your guidance system – telling you what nourishes you and what drains you, once you learn how to manage it.

It’s also worth remembering that your energy is continually added to the collective mix. That means shutting your sensitivity down contributes to a general atmosphere of insensitivity. It also means that as you personally become clearer in your own evolutionary awareness your contribution to the collective follows suit. You are in a position to influence the environment that others inhabit through the invisible interaction of what you feel in, and express through, your heart. This is nothing less than awesome.

Invitation and Permission
The good news is that nothing can interfere with or violate your energy fields without your permission, or your invitation, which means you are able to develop your immunity to invisible influences. You might be thinking that you haven’t issued any invitations, or permits, that allow interference with your autonomy, but that’s not quite true. The trouble is those invites and permits are seldom explicit. They’re subtle and unconscious.

Permission is often assumed by default. What I mean by this is that if your energy field is invaded and you do nothing about it, then you have given permission for the violation. And because it’s outside conventional awareness this entire process goes unnoticed. People interfere with each other’s energy field without knowing they’re doing it. People are violated without realising what’s happened. – Unless it’s blatantly obvious.

You issue invitations simply by determining to be ‘nice’ and put the needs of others before your own, without looking after yourself in the process. This is a huge subject with many shades and nuances. That is explored in my workshops and courses.

The fact is we interact with everything, whether we know it or not. So a really good discipline to develop is to pay attention to your mood shifts and ask internally what they’re about. If you don’t get an answer that resonates the chances are you’ve picked something up that doesn’t belong to you. If you feel yourself changing as you open up to that possibility, then you know that’s almost certainly what’s happened. This may be all you need for your own energy to shift. An additional step would be to invite Divine Intelligence to assist you. Make this request aloud if you can, using these words:

Divine Intelligence partner with me now to release and remove the energies
of anything or anyone in my environment that drain me.
Transmute these into Divine Love and return them to their source.
Replace them in me with balance, compassion and wisdom.
Thank you. And so it is.

Image © Bruce Rolff on 123RF