Invisible Interactions

One of the things I realised when I started to understand myself as existing beyond my physical body is that my energy field interacts with the field of everything in my environment. It took me a bit longer to recognise that the energy field of my environment is a synthesis of everything in it, including me. Everything is continually merging and interacting. And if you bother to stop and tune in, you can feel it.

The more I considered this the more it simply blew my mind. It’s pretty fantastic. It means that you’re being influenced by everything around you, and everything around you is influencing you right back – including people.

This is a phenomenon that’s easily demonstrated with a few simple questions:-

  • If you’re around people that are excited will you get excited?
  • If you’re around people that are grumpy, will you get to feel grumpy, or just down, yourself?
  • If you walk into a room where people have been arguing, can you tell even though the argument may have run out of steam?
  • With someone you know, can you tell what mood they’re in without looking at them?

What’s really interesting is that these, and other, invisible interactions actually occur. Most people know them at some level, and the more sensitive you are the more significantly affected you can be in the process.

Catching Energy from Others
A good few years ago I had an experience that woke me up to the kind of unseen interference that these interactions can cause. I was just getting into my own spiritual exploration at the time. One evening I went to a healing and meditation group in one of the less wholesome parts of London. It was a lovely meditation and I was feeling pretty uplifted by it. I made my way home feeling great.

To get home I had to take the tube, a journey I thought nothing of as I used the underground daily. When I got onto the Northern Line platform it was necessary for me to pass by a group of young men who were in a quite different space from me. They were angry – not with each other, but with the world, and they were expressing their resentments passionately. I recognised that not so very long before I might have been part of a similar group, but I paid them little enough attention – or so I thought – and walked past.

When I got home however, my uplifted mood had completely evaporated. I was grumpy and short-tempered. My partner immediately noticed it and called me on it. Initially I was pretty sharp with her. But then I started to question what had happened between my meditation experience and arriving home. There was nothing of note, but the picture of the group of young men on the station platform kept coming back to me.

The light bulb moment was the realisation that I’d somehow ‘caught’ their resentment through an unconscious and invisible interaction. It was quite an eye-opener. But once I’d opened up to the possibility of this my mood began to shift again. Once I accepted it my grumpiness was gone completely. That’s because it wasn’t mine, but nevertheless I’d somehow taken it on and owned it.

I realised that this sort of thing must be happening all the time all over the place. It’s a universal phenomenon that’s completely off the radar, and the more sensitive you are the more you are likely to be caught by it. The funny thing about sensitivity is that we are all very sensitive, some of us just got very good at shutting ourselves down so as not to feel the chaos, pain and conflict in the field around us – but that’s a story for another time. And, of course, your sensitivity is actually a vital part of your guidance system – telling you what nourishes you and what drains you, once you learn how to manage it.

The fact is we interact with everything, whether we know it or not. So a really good discipline to develop is to pay attention to your mood shifts and ask internally what they’re about. If you can’t identify an answer that resonates the chances are you’ve picked something up that doesn’t belong to you. If you feel yourself changing as you open up to that possibility then you know that’s almost certainly what’s happened. You should then find that it’s easy to let it go. Ask Divine Intelligence to transmute the energy of anything you’ve picked up that drains you into love and return it to its source. Make this request aloud if you can, using these words:

Divine Intelligence partner with me now and transmute the energy of anything that drains me, that I’ve taken on from my environment or anyone it, into Divine Love and return it to its source. Thank you. And so it is.

It’s also worth remembering that your energy is continually added to the collective mix. That means as you personally become clearer in your own evolutionary awareness your contribution to the collective follows suit. You are in a position to influence the environment that others inhabit through the invisible interaction of what you feel in, and express through, your heart. This is nothing less than awesome.

Image: by Vit Paroulek on 123RF

8 thoughts on “Invisible Interactions

  1. Thank you for this article Altazar. You have clearly described something I was aware of but maybe have not seen how it affects me and what I can do with that awareness. An interesting start to my working day, I will take the awareness with me and reflect…..

    1. There’s so much more to this than is understood in mainstream awareness, Mary. Learning to negotiate our way through the miasma consciously is a skill that takes a lot of perseverance to develop. Have a good day.

  2. Lovely article….Thank you! And a reminder for me of the following…
    I Went to a Christmas party this weekend and reflected what a completely different space I was in, in comparison to say a year ago and what a transformational year it had been. I was so much more at ease with myself and the difference in energy for me was tangible. To see that reflected back in the interactions that I had with people was a great reminder of the invisible energy and interactions that we are share.

  3. Brilliant synchonicity reading this today Altazar… thanks so much for the reality check! Having just spent 48 hours in an A&E / resuscitation department (again) with my daughter I was very conscious of how the mood of each member of the staff, the attitude and ‘manner’ of the doctors.. and my daughter’s own fear deeply affected me… You are absolutely right about us all being sensitive. Staying centred, grounded and calm is essential, but it takes a while to get to that point, doesn’t it?
    I really enjoy your posts… thank you! Blessings, Chrissie xx

    1. Hi Chrissie. Fear is so contageous. I notice how it hits me hard in my body’s survival instincts, even when it’s unfounded. It takes quite a lot of discipline and practice to remain in the observer state with it. I am getting better at asking Divine Intelligence to partner me in dissolving it, though. NAMASTE.

  4. Can I simply say what a relief to seek out somebody who actually is aware of what theyre talking about on the internet. You positively know how one can convey an issue to gentle and make it important. Extra folks have to learn this and understand this side of the story. I cant imagine youre not more fashionable since you undoubtedly have the gift.

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