Keep Calm …

It’s not easy to get this …

Much of humanity is struggling to reconcile the inequalities and disproportionate imbalances that plague our cultures. That struggle creates a richly fertile soil in which resentment, fear, blame, shame, misery, outrage and conflict grow in abundance. It disrupts any sense of calmness, en masse, almost by design.

This abundance is the sea we swim in. It’s actually a sub-conscious [psycho-energetic] environment that you inhabit. It’s so all-pervasive that you don’t notice it under the surface of whatever immediate struggle you might be engaged in.

But this abundance forms a kind of net that contains you – and me – in a situation where your behaviour patterns are relatively predictable, albeit within a wide range of possibilities. That means you are vulnerable to systemic manipulation through ideas, thoughts and feelings that you believe originate in you. It’s not easy to get this, even when it’s pointed out.

If you stop to consider all this for a moment, you’ll come to the understanding that many of the thoughts and feelings you have are not your own. You tune into the field [the net] you live in, and figure out how to fit in – how to get as comfortable as possible in your discomfort. It’s an essential quality of this net to give the impression that there’s no escape … This is reality. It’s just how it is.

Epidemic of Weirdness

So many people are waking up to the fact that they pick up too much on the feelings of others, which makes it very difficult to function in the world with some semblance of normality. The experience of this phenomenon has consistently escaped mainstream understanding, mainly because its existence has been ignored … and rejected.

If there are no conventional terms of reference for any of this, it automatically falls into the realm of weirdness. People are left to conclude that there’s something wrong with them, feeding self-judgement, frustration and despair. This corrodes any sense of well-being from the inside, and sustains the psycho-energetic environment [the net] that contains you … a very neat self-regulating control system.

However, there are now so many people experiencing themselves as weird that this epidemic of weirdness is fuelling a drive to find a solution beyond the conventional. At the same time it exposes the mechanisms of self-suppression and control that they’ve been operating under.

There’s nothing wrong … with you

If you’re one of those who understands that you pick up more from your environment than is good for you, the first thing to get clear about is that there’s nothing wrong with you. It’s not a problem; it’s a natural consequence of the fact that everything is connected. The principle of quantum entanglement does actually legitimise the experience, but, although that principle has been in the public domain since Erwin Schrödinger advanced the idea in the 1930s, its impact on our understanding of ourselves has yet to be embraced.

The next thing to get clear on is that there’s not much you can do about it, and ignoring it is not going to make it go away. So, you’re probably going to have to deal with it, learn to manage it.

It’s in learning to manage your experience of your psycho-energetic sensitivity where you become empowered. But this is not about getting back to normal. There is no “normal”, not any more. It’s an invitation from your soul to explore who you are at a level beyond the everyday vanilla flavour that you were born into.

It’s an invitation to raise your awareness and the level of consciousness at which you operate in the world … to keep calm and stay calm. This is the way you begin to free yourself from the net that has contained you and your ancestors for thousands of years.

The workshops and courses I offer are specifically designed to provide support for understanding and managing your personal sensitivity, and for raising your vibration – the level of consciousness at which you operate in the world.