Self-Empowerment Mystery School


Course Themes & Focus

The primary focus of the Mystery School is to help you open up to the mystery of you. That’s another way of saying supporting you to find your unique way of standing in your own power, in your own centre.

The closed group format of the Mystery School provides an ideal environment to explore this. It’s a safe space to make mistakes, to be vulnerable and face the fears that hold you back.

Those fears can have their roots in this lifetime or others, and even in other dimensions. They often have a collective dimension that causes them to resurface even though you’ve worked on them before.

You will gain an understanding of the impact of aspects of other existences that seep through into this lifetime, and see how mass-consciousness, social order programming, redundant vows and promises, and false identity structures have conditioned your existence.

You already know ...

... that there’s more to you than mainstream ideas of reality will admit.

You already know that there’s an evolutionary shift in human consciousness underway. You know that you are a part of that shift and that you need to embrace it fully.

It all begins with you taking responsibility for being present to yourself in the NOW. It’s irrelevant whether or not you’re a working professional, as this is a fundamental principle for living an empowered life.

An essential part of the course is developing your partnership with your own Spiritual Intelligence (I AM Intelligence). This is a key to evolving beyond the everyday consensus reality, opening up to a more multi-dimensional perspective.

This is managed through practicing the use of Intentional Narrative Protocols to clear old blockages and reconfigure your energy system to create and operate within a new reality.

The transformative power of this process affirms your direct connection with Source. This is a major way forward, as it’s impossible to solve the deeper problems of life at the level of consciousness on which they were created, or the level at which they make themselves observable.

You will learn about boundaries and their lack. You will see how different issues interact and form complex patterns that can only be untangled energetically. And you will learn to hold space for your own process, which will ultimately enable you to hold space for others.

You will be provided with protocols and practices to enable you to with these issues and the phenomena they include, both for your own inner process and to help others through theirs. These protocols and practices are simple in essence. They have been developed over the years and have proved themselves to be effective and sustainable. You will be required to practice with each other and with people you work with in the intervening time between each workshop.

Class of 2018

Comments from recent participants

"Two years of mystery school supported me in making a much needed shift in my life that is still unfolding; from unconscious creating to conscious creating. Altazar facilitates powerful group work, activating ancient wisdom to heal individual and collective pain that is ready to be transformed. Learning to trust the mysterious ways of how the universe unfolds, with both feet on the ground.
This work can be a meeting in the deep. I deeply felt my purpose here on earth. Meeting others in this space is very empowering and truly humbling. Being able to integrate this in my everyday life and getting the support I needed from the group throughout the course, paved the way for accelerated change and helped me to further develop my own way of facilitating healing processes.
Meeting your shadow self can be very confronting. Altazar’s approach with so much love, wisdom and tenderness is truly inspiring. A master who considers himself a student, learning along the way just like the rest of us."
~ L.W., Netherlands

"I felt deeply seen, held and loved. The biggest breakthrough for me was in finally learning to hold my centre and connect deeply with myself without my sensitivity being overwhelmed by the world."
~ R.A., UK

"It’s hard to describe in words what this training brought me, because it is so much, on so many different layers. For me the most important was that Altazar really empowered me to develop my own method or way of working. He is a great teacher, and he shows you the way to your path, without giving too directive instructions. He really empowers you to discover it yourself."
~ AV, Netherlands

"In level 1 I learnt what self-empowerment is about and how important this is. In Level 2 I experienced what’s it’s like to actually step into my self-empowerment, to dare to be wrong and to trust myself. Level 2 students have their own personal processes, but besides that they learn more how to hold the space, be an anchor and to assist in the individual or group processes. This was a life changing year for me, in which I started to trust that I can do this work for myself and that I can guide others to work through their own processes."
~ SdV, Netherlands


This training is a wide-ranging and inclusive approach to self-empowerment. It requires a willingness to walk through your own shadow.

This kind of process is organic. It can only be learned experientially. As you develop in your own practice it ceases to be the "Altazar" method and evolves into your own.

Conditions of Entry

It is a requirement that anyone applying for a place on the course has completed at least two years transformtive personal development.

If you have not worked with me before it's necessary that we have a preliminary conversation before you can join. Places on the course are limited. You can check availability here.

All applicants will be required to complete a personal questionaire to support their application.

Download a Course Prospectus HERE

Whatever your current level of understanding, the Mystery School will take you deeper into the mystery of the human condition. It will support you in grounding the energy of your own mastery - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

It will help you develop a practical understanding of the multi-dimensional energy structures that permeate mass consciousness and collective identities. It provides effective strategies for freeing yourself, and others, from the all-pervasive restrictions imposed by these structures.

This training will teach you to hold the field so that your vibrational presence influences the energy environment rather than the other way around