~ Partnering with Spiritual Intelligence

“This book is simple, practical and wise. It’s an invitation for you to come home to yourself at your very core, to raise your vibration and partner with your spiritual intelligence. Altazar’s insights will lovingly support you as you explore your own inner truths. If you’ve been waiting for a sign to integrate more spirituality into your life, this is it.”

~ Jayne Warrilow, Best-Selling Author of The Ten Day Coaches MBA, Founder of Coaches Business School.


This book is intended as a practical grounded guide to support the awakening, empowerment and expansion of human consciousness.

In the years since the publication of my first book, DEVELOPING SPIRITUAL INTELLIGENCE – The Power of You, I’ve continued to evolve the way I work. The founding principles have remained the same, but I’ve been able to offer more practical understanding of the awakening process that an increasing number of people are experiencing these days.

So if you have a copy of my first book you’ll find this new one provides additional insight and flexibility in applying the process protocols. If you start with this new book you should find that the first book will help you to consolidate your foundation in your own empowerment process.

If you make it your intent as you read, this book will support your attunement with the unique expression of Spiritual Intelligence as it manifests through you. You may not like, or agree, with everything you read here. That’s as it should be. Anything that challenges you is an invitation to question your beliefs and identify your own mastery and unique wisdom – and express these qualities with love.

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A Few Reviews

“Altazar’s book is a timely reminder of the original essence of authentic spirituality: the feeling of connection/love in our healed hearts. With his endlessly humble power he shares his method for getting into dialogue with the universe we are all intrinsically part of – and how to harness that live connection to co-create a thriving life and a less suffering world.”

~ Nick Jankel, Keynote Speaker, Wisdom Teacher & Author of Spiritual Atheist


“Affirming, transformatory and an essential read for the complexity and challenge of these modern times. Altazar brings the teaching of Spiritual Intelligence into the present, right here, right now. It’s Spiritual intelligence for modern thinkers.”

~ Jackee Holder, Author, Coach & Speaker


Altazar’s book invites us to become aware of multi-dimensional and metaphysical levels of existence, as we deepen our understanding of how early thoughts become embedded in our bodies and woven into our lives. It offers us clear steps towards self-empowerment and metaphysical awareness.

~ Dr Natalie Tobert, Medical Anthropologist, author of Cultural Perspectives on Mental Wellbeing, and Spiritual Psychiatries.