Free Podcast Challenge

This series of six audio podcasts will help you to be more grounded and present in yourself. Each audio is aligned with a chapter of the book Partnering with Spiritual Intelligence.

The challenge is to stay with the programme as the access links are delivered to you at three-day intervals. But even if you can’t manage to keep up with this you will be able to continue to access the audios for up to three months. A few questions to ask yourself:

~ Are you secure in your own sense of being, comfortable in your own skin? ?

~ Are you sensitive to your environment and often confused by the energies around you?

~ Do you feel at peace with yourself, with your feelings and accepting of others?

~ How often do you feel centered in your own flow yet connected with all there is?

Each audio is also encoded with an energy transmission that, if you choose to allow it, will support you in being present with yourself, aware of the state of your consciousness and shifting into a more coherent way of being.


Everyone can learn become grounded and centre their energy. And the better grounded you are the easier it is for your energy to anchor into your body, … the more love you will be capable of expressing and receiving, … the better your life will flow. The more at ease in the truth of who you are, the greater stability you will experience through life’s crises. The subjects explored in the podcasts are as follows:-

~ The Principles of Grounding

~ Partnering with Spiritual Intelligence

~ Managing Sensitivity

~ Moving from head to heart

~ Clearing Emotional Reactions

~ Being Present

Be advised that listening to these podcasts may take you into an altered state of consciousness. It is recommended that you avoid engaging with any activity where your personal safety might be compromised whilst listening, e.g. driving, cycling, operating machinery.