Are you looking for personal mentoring to expand your consciousness, to support your intuitive development. Mentoring that is matched to your individual requirements?

~ Mentoring that can embrace many areas relevant to your personal empowerment and sovereignty?
~ Where your consciousness is encouraged in its continued expansion?
~ Where the expression of your personal spiritual intelligence is supported?

Personal mentoring is offered for a small number of one-on-one clients, subject to availability. Continuity is vital in this process as the range and depth of issues addressed is significant. So it's my practice to offer these sessions in blocks of six, over a period of five to six months. This allows proper integration time between sessions.

Who is this for?

This kind of mentoring is generally for those who have already gained some experience in their personal quest for truth and self-empowerment. Here are a few pointers ...

... You are actively engaged in your awakening process and you are committed to living consciously. You are sensitive to the energy of your environment and those around you.

... You may struggle occasionally to maintain the level of consciousness necessary to stay in your own flow when confronted with everyday existence in a mainstream reality.

... You're very aware that mainstream concepts of reality fail to address the deeper truth of who you are.

... Every so often you find yourself bumping into situations where you cease to function optimally.

... Sometimes old emotional triggers are fired off, that you thought had long been resolved, and these take you right out of your flow.

... Sometimes you simply fail to take care of your own needs. You may find yourself pulled into the drama of other people’s lives, even though they have little relevance to you.

... Often you feel that you could do with the kind of spiritual / psycho-energetic support that doesn’t exist in your circle of colleagues and friends.

You will also be aware that there are hidden programmes operating in you that have resisted all attempts to clear, up until now. These create repeating cycles of behaviour and obstacles to your self-expression, which impact your interactions, your creativity and your professional life. You have committed to change all this.

And you understand that the journey you’re on has no end in a conventional sense. You’re ready to delve into the mystery of yourself. You are ready to explore this in collaboration universal intelligence.

What you will get out of our sessions together

... First-hand experience in the use of Intentional Narrative Protocols, as used in my workshops. By gently guiding you through your own processes you can learn to self-process as your consciousness expands to its next level.

... Practices to strengthen the energy body and the psycho-energetic immune systems.

... A strengthened connection with your inner Divine essence and a practical awareness of this aspect of yourself that can inform everything you do.

What is included?

6 x 2 / 2.5-hour one-on-one sessions nominally over 18 weeks
Sessions may be by internet or in person
Appointments are scheduled flexibly by mutual agreement
Audio recordings and scripts for personal practice work
Email check-in between appointments
Recordings of on-line sessions

Mentoring can provide a valuable "supervision" resource that is particularly relevant if you are a practising transformational coach or facilitator looking to stay at your own learning edge.

Your ability to "hold space" for yourself will develop in a way the supports you to self-process transformatively, empowering you in conscious personal spiritual partnership with your Divine essence.

All the practices shared will support you in continuing to evolve in integrity with your soul’s purpose optimally, consciously increasing your capacity to embody universal light and love.