New Age Romantics – The Twin Flame Trap

The Myth There’s a kind of new age myth that afflicts people who awaken to a personal spiritual path. It catches many who are desperate for a relationship where they feel loved, seen and heard. It goes a bit like this … LonelinessLike most new age concepts, terms such as “twin souls”, “twin flames” and “soul mates” need to be treated with caution. They’re loaded with expectation, judgement, new age delusion … and potential for misery. People will often fall into a relationship based on an idea that they’ve met their twin flame, or soul-mate. It doesn’t matter much what you call it. What isn’t realised is that there can be many reasons for the intense sense of connection. One of the most routine is that finding someone to share your spiritual awakening with can seem like the solution to an intense loneliness you’ve… Read moreNew Age Romantics – The Twin Flame Trap