I’ve always found this self-reflection stuff challenging, which is the surest sign that there’s something for me to learn from it. I see some very ugly problems in the world, and I certainly don’t want to accept that they’re in anyway a reflection of me. BUT … One of the important aspects of this phenomenon that I have learned, is that the reflection is somehow indirect. It’s distorted in some way … upside down, magnified, twisted … So I have to explore it and decode it, a bit like a clue in a crossword puzzle. Perhaps one of the nastiest issues that I don’t want to consider in relation to myself, is the trafficking of children; the violation of their innocence and their disappearance on an almost industrial scale. Children are farmed for organ replacement, and for slaughter in ritual sacrifice. None of this… Read moreA CHALLENGING REFLECTION ON A DIFFICULT SUBJECT …

Keep Calm …

Much of humanity is struggling to reconcile the inequalities and disproportionate imbalances that plague our cultures. That struggle creates a richly fertile soil in which resentment, fear, blame, shame, misery, outrage and conflict grow in abundance. It disrupts any sense of calmness, en masse, almost by design.

New Age Romantics – The Twin Flame Trap

The Myth There’s a kind of new age myth that afflicts people who awaken to a personal spiritual path. It catches many who are desperate for a relationship where they feel loved, seen and heard. It goes a bit like this … LonelinessLike most new age concepts, terms such as “twin souls”, “twin flames” and “soul mates” need to be treated with caution. They’re loaded with expectation, judgement, new age delusion … and potential for misery. People will often fall into a relationship based on an idea that they’ve met their twin flame, or soul-mate. It doesn’t matter much what you call it. What isn’t realised is that there can be many reasons for the intense sense of connection. One of the most routine is that finding someone to share your spiritual awakening with can seem like the solution to an intense loneliness you’ve… Read moreNew Age Romantics – The Twin Flame Trap

The Power Struggle

Human history is characterised by an incessant quest for power and control. The root of this is fear, and it’s been the dominant paradigm of our existence for age upon age. This paradigm is now crumbling around us. It’s reached its “Sell by” date. However, this does not stop vast numbers from trying to hang onto it. The new paradigm has not yet formed. It’s still in the realm of the unknown, which qualifies it in some ways as something to fear. Approaching the new paradigm from a place of fear is not going to work. It has to be born out of a raising of consciousness, emerging from within. That birthplace is the heart and to open the channel requires courage and commitment. Traditionally leaders have risen to positions of power by beating their rivals into submission. In ancient times it was the… Read moreThe Power Struggle

The Power of the Spoken Word

It’s widely accepted that words have power. But if they do, where does that power come from? The power of words, and the language we use, in structuring the reality we live in has a long tradition shrouded in mystery. Few give this principle any credibility because we so seldom seem able to create a reality we want, but it’s an idea that has persisted through the ages. For those of you brought up in a culture that exposes you to some form of Christian teaching, there’s a biblical significance attached to the concept that words have power. Even if you reject the religious aspect, the principle somehow sticks. Various other creation stories also rest on the concept of a sacred word, or sound, calling the world into existence. So what’s the relevance of this for the modern world? Naming and Identification The principle… Read moreThe Power of the Spoken Word

This Heartbreaking World

I like to do crossword puzzles, I always have. There’s something about manipulating words and extracting obscured meanings that fascinates me. And just as I was wondering what this article needed to be about I came across a crossword clue that gave me the answer. The clue was the title above: This heartbreaking world (5). And the solution, if you’re not there ahead of me, is EARTH, because if you take the word HEART, break it up and rearrange the letters they make the word EARTH. Few of us haven’t experienced heartbreak of one form or another. But heartbreak isn’t the real issue, it’s what you do with it that matters. It’s the interpretations you make and the significance you attach to these that inform [in-form] you, and condition the life you lead. There’s no denying the agony of heartbreak. It devastates your inner… Read moreThis Heartbreaking World