The Conspiracy of Conspiracy Stories

It’s been clear to me from a very early age that the way the world is just doesn’t add up. Everything I’ve been told about human civilisation, political ideologies and world governance only makes sense at a superficial level, which never has resonated with what I feel. But, like everyone else here, there was little to go on to help me find a deeper truth … and plenty of criticism and ridicule for making the attempt. So, although I maintained an interest, I mostly kept my thoughts and opinions to myself.

I first became aware of much of the information called “conspiracy theory” over 30 years ago. There were few real surprises, as even back in the 1960s and 70s I was already aware through direct experience of the UFO phenomenon – and official strategies of denial and disinformation. So, I do acknowledge relevant information about what might be going on behind the scenes. But I have to find my own ways of being with it, that neither create fear nor support a duality conflict mentality.


In these stressful times of increased restrictions on personal freedom, there’s an explosion of  information about the ‘’lies” we’ve been indoctrinated with. It’s almost impossible to find any reliable verifiable data about most of this … and that’s become the subject of theories too. Where there are dots people will join them. Those dots are always joined to make a picture that matches the beliefs of the joiner. AND that picture is ALWAYS a reflection of the inner landscape of the picture’s creator.

This is not to say that there’s no truth in the stories that are coming out, just that those stories cannot possibly be complete or totally accurate.  It does seem relevant to be aware of the dramas on offer, and the underlying conditioning, social control systems and disempowering strategies in operation. However, the picture that we’re all trying to see is much bigger than our current mental apparatus can contain.

Where I am now with all of this is to ask one primary question of any story, particularly in relation to how it’s presented. The question is this: IS THERE ANY LOVE IN THIS? … And I have to FEEL into the answer, because the intellect will just get sucked into the game.

So many revelations of the abominations in the world come from a place of fear, anger and outrage. A lot of them invite you to label yourself as stupid [sheeple] if you don’t believe them. This simple primary question forces me to reflect on my personal responses and reactions. It raises many more questions:

~ Do I respond with fear, anger or outrage?

~ Do I want to punish the evil-doers, to brutalise them in accordance with the abominations they’ve actually or supposedly committed?

~ Is there an editorial bias inviting me to side with a particular form of righteous indignation, outrage and anger?

~ Does the language used imply that I must be stupid if I don’t agree?

~ What is the ultimate agenda behind any revelation and its presentation?

~ And, of course, do I respond with love and compassion, and is there any love in the revelation or its presentation?

Basically, if there’s any sense of fear, conflict, adversarial systems or enemy definition, then I tend to put the information to one side. It’s like … “Yes, this is potentially disturbing information about the reality I inhabit, but there’s also less visible information about the person, agency or organisation doing the informing”.


It’s that less visible information that’s actually more important, because that goes under the radar. It gets obscured by the reality shattering truth of the main revelation, creating a vulnerability to control and manipulation. It subliminally orders me to take sides … to sign up to a particular cause.

And here’s what’s also important. If I get into a reaction, then it’s telling me about something in myself that requires attention. Anything that takes me off balance, or out of my centre, is pointing at something in me that requires healing and resolution.

The biggest problem with conspiracy stories that I can see is that they are inherently disempowering. They tell me how I’m a victim … and if I accept them at face value, I make myself a victim. They are effectively psycho-energetic egregore entities that potentially distract me from the truth I am, and disconnect me from the flow of love that I’m committed to embrace. Maybe this is the ultimate conspiracy hiding behind the surface of conspiracy stories. And that begs the question: “Who is served in any of this?”


Conspiracy theories themselves may actually constitute a conspiracy, one that’s orchestrated by the kind of unseen masters that are suggested by the initial stories. The distraction and disempowerment they generate is an indication that this may be the case. And this means that eliminating the processes by which we’re distracted and disempowered stops the energy feed into the construction of any conspiracy story. The story must then collapse, and what’s left must be the truth.

Therefore, whatever information anyone finds themselves presented with that produces a reaction of fear or revulsion, then THAT is the key to the level of personal transformation necessary. It’s vital to do your own research on any of the stuff that triggers you into reaction. It’s also vital to do your own healing on all of the triggers. Until that’s done any associated disempowerment strategies continue to be operational, and the expansion of consciousness is blocked.