The Flowering of Consciousness

8391734_sRe-examine all you have been told in school or church or in any book,
and dismiss whatever insults your own soul.

~ Walt Whitman

More and more people are beginning to awaken to themselves as they figure out the inherent emptiness of a life rooted in mainstream beliefs and practices. The experience of life is not generally enhanced by anything promoted in the media or traditionally held as the limits of reality. None of it is enough, and most of it’s a distraction from what’s really important.

This phenomenon is driving the quest for deeper meaning in our lives and the rejection of the forms of existence permitted by the dominant ideologies of civilisation as we know it. It also fuels much of the extremist fundamentalism manifesting in opposition to the historically determined righteousness of the imperialist age and its ruling classes.

Those awakening and the awakeners are still in a minority, the latter more so than the former. But the way this works is that everyone who awakens becomes an awakener simply by their presence. As you awaken you stop resonating with the prevailing conventions; the mental, emotional and energetic hooks that tie you in loosen and dissolve; and you start emanating a different vibration – a different level of consciousness. And that means your energy field starts to influence the fields of those around you.

Transmitters and Receivers
The human body is an electromagnetic organism. Modern medical technology utilises this fact in the electrocardiogram [ECG/EKG] and the electroencephalogram [EEG] amongst other somewhat mysterious diagnostic tools. What is not so well known is that the heart is the strongest electromagnetic organ in the body with an electrical field strength around 100,000 times that of the brain and a magnetic field strength up to 5000 times that of the brain [ref: HeartMath Institute].

The entire basis of modern communications technology is electromagnetism and the interaction of electromagnetic fields. The fields of one device automatically influence the fields of every other device up to a certain point, which is normally considered as the range over which a device will operate. When this influence is decoded you get a message if the decoding resonates with your device. This is how mobile telephones work and why there has to be a network as the range of an individual mobile phone is relatively small.

What doesn’t make it into mainstream physics is that the human body is doing the same thing as the mobile phone – transmitting and receiving through the interaction of our personal electromagnetic fields. Those fields are conditioned, or modulated, mostly by what’s happening through the heart – what we feel. We decode our reception and encode our transmission through feeling; and our feelings are interpreted and rationalised through the mental apparatus and the stories we make up to manage our feelings and emotions. The stories may be coherent, but they are seldom accurate as they are conditioned by the environment we’re immersed in. This environment encourages us to be afraid by the constant barrage of situations conceived of as a danger to our way of life that emanate from mainstream media and governmental institutions.

A concentration of many people functioning through the same or similar beliefs creates a network, and the education and values you are indoctrinated with make you a subscriber to particular networks without you knowing. These networks form the cultural matrix that shapes your sense of your own identity. These networks have been established and evolved through centuries of dogma and systematised regulations. A bit like mobile phone contracts, it takes a determined effort to change networks with a considerable risk of being disconnected for a period while the changeover is implemented.

It’s interesting that one of the most serious consequences of going against the prevailing belief system in medieval times and the middle ages was excommunication. The modern equivalent of this is perhaps being out of range of a mobile phone or broadcasting network – no phone, no instant messaging, no internet access, no tv, no radio – positively traumatising for many.

So the awakening process is challenging. It involves facing criticism, disapproval, judgement, blame and shame – from within as well as without. And all this has to be faced without descending into criticising, disapproving of, judging or blaming what you’re awakening from. All of that old limiting conditioning is actually perfect because it provides the impetus for you to begin waking up. So if you’re struggling with any of this it’s a sign that you’re on the right track. Your consciousness is retuning itself to a vibrational frequency that better supports the flow of your well-being.

The re-tuning process is more or less automatic once it begins, and it begins with recognising the hollowness of the reality you’ve been living. Once you accept that and begin the search for something more meaningful a momentum is established that opens you up to previously inconceivable possibilities. The key is to keep following what makes your heart sing with joy and appreciation.

It’s actually vitally important to notice when your heart is not singing, or singing mournfully. Either of these conditions indicates that you’ve become stuck or side-tracked, and could benefit from connecting with someone more in tune with themselves, or more experienced in their awakening process. Simply being in range of their transmission can be sufficient to get you back on track. At other times it may be necessary to consult an established facilitator.

Holistic Networks
Human consciousness is in the process of flowering. As it does so new holistic cultural networks are being established that support that flowering. Each one of us that moves into the new universal paradigms of existence consolidates those networks with the energy of our own transmission, which in turn makes it easier for others to join.

Do not expect things to calm down as the new networks take effect. The coming months and years will see the restructuring of our reality continue to accelerate [just look back over the last 30 years, if you can, and see the acceleration that has already taken place]. The old order is crumbling, and those that support it will crumble with it. Some of this will look pretty ugly and there will be many vindictive projections hurled at those awakening – until the unity of humanity and the entirety of existence is understood as the foundation of being.Signature-01

1 thought on “The Flowering of Consciousness

  1. Dear Altazar.

    Your article resonates so clearly with my own perceptions of ‘reality’.
    I always felt from childhood that there was some sort of inner battle (by degrees) within me between the ‘mainstream’ systems and a sometimes subconscious lurking of a rebel wanting to go against this ‘system’ and just be ‘me’ – whilst still being an honorable ‘citizen’.
    I now know that this little rebel which lurked within me was my natural and intuitive self finding frustration with what in many ways sometimes seemed to be an artificial and actually sometimes routinely boring (to my inventive and creative self) structured existence of societal expectations and generic progressions through education and other growth/life experiences.

    I was and am blessed with wonderful parents, and even they could see that I was ‘different’ with my perspectives on many aspects of life. It wasn’t that I got into any trouble as a younger person, or ever have. I was just one of those very creative kids who was in tune with nature, the environment and had a strong sense of social justice and compassion. I was just one of those kids who wanted to go ‘against- the-grain’ of generic thinking and teachings, but didn’t do so to honor my parents and, at times, to continue to be an honest and honorable citizen.

    So to clarify and conclude where my comment is leading here, it finally took several unwanted and serious life and health challenges in the last 15 years or so for that little rebel, which still resided in me from my childhood, to have permission to be free – to be awakened if you will. This little rebel is not an evil twin, but a wonderfully positive and other constructive part of my character which has found ‘permission’ to see, live, feel and embrace an authentic part of my own awareness of what is ‘real’ in this world.
    Even as a child I always asked the question “why?” I thought ‘outside-the-square’, didn’t feel that the ‘generic’ way was comfortable with me, felt there was more to the world than what education taught me and believed there were alternatives to what was ‘expected’ of an obedient citizen.

    My awakening is still a work in progress, but certainly a greatly enhanced one these days. It is really a process with no ending – until the end of my time. I have given that once-a-child inner ‘rebel’ of mine, beginning 50 or so years ago, permission and encouragement to be freed from restraints. And I must say it is a wonderful feeling. If I can leave my beautiful children a legacy or a gift of wisdom if I may say, of the conscious awareness of life’s truth and have encouraged their own awakening, I will feel my skills as a parent/carer may have been of worth and value. My blessing, as is theirs, is that they already display such an awakening now and hopefully for their ever.

    Blessings to you Altazar 😉

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