The Vampire …

… cannot cross the threshold
unless it is invited in

The issue of violation pops up time and again in the modern spiritual arena. It always relates to the dynamics of power and control, and it often finds its way out in some form of sexual expression. As people awaken and begin to seek a deeper meaning for their lives it’s easy for them to be subtly coerced into unconsciously giving energetic permission for this kind of violation.

In my years as a student of spiritual and subtle energies I’ve seen many weird, many wonderful and many abusive practices. One of the most abusive situations that arises is when sexual projection and predation masquerades as spiritual advancement. Let me explain one of the most common ways I’ve seen this happen …

Somebody turns up in your life who has a high level of psychic/spiritual credibility – intuition, healing insight and ability to work with subtle energies. Of themselves these are beautiful gifts to be able to share. But most of us have been trained to view people with these gifts as more advanced, more knowledgeable, better adjusted, more conscious, more awakened … etc. … than we are. Because of this you can be ready to allow the “wisdom” offered to override what you feel in your own heart without thinking.

That’s not so bad in itself. Part of the process of learning to trust yourself and be in your own power is to learn the effects of giving your power away to an inappropriate authority. What can often happen though, when the possessor of that gift has done insufficient of their own clearing work, is that their insight becomes contaminated with whatever darkness they haven’t cleared. Very few people have cleared all their shadow sexual issues, so guess what.

The real danger is when one of those people offers you their insight WITHOUT SPECIFIC INVITATION, and because there’s some kind of resonance in you [remember everybody has some kind of issue or energy block – it’s what we’re here to clear] you accept their insight as a truth.

It’s most likely that the issue will not be “up” or relevant in that moment. But because of your resonance with it you own it as yours. You might even feel “seen” and understood in ways that you’ve not felt before. Let me be very clear about this:


You are then vulnerable to energetic manipulation from whatever dark energies have hitched a ride on their psychic insight. Sometimes it’s those dark energies that provide the insight. And the people holding these are not aware … They believe they are doing good, being of service. This is particularly toxic when it goes under the cover of providing healing for blocks to your sexual energy. Once you succumb you can be stuck in it for years.

Unfortunately, this kind of violation is not uncommon where people are searching for their personal spiritual connection and exploring different healing practices and modalities. The resonance in the issues identified will often be misread and presented as evidence of a past life connection that must be explored sexually.

And because more women than men are generally to be found exploring their spiritual self-development, it can seem that women are once again victims of male abuse. But whilst this may be an abusive male energy it is not exclusively active in men. There is a dark force present in this process that demands a form of sexual compliance on the basis that you are choosing to remain stuck if you refuse [women practice this as much as men].

You wouldn’t want to stay stuck, or be seen as refusing to take any steps necessary in your enlightenment process, would you? So your own self-judgement programming kicks in triggering an impulse to prove that you’re willing to face your fears and move forwards. But there will always be a tiny voice whispering in your heart that there’s something not quite right about it – especially if it’s something that needs to be kept private, or secret.

One of the reasons many spiritual traditions avoid sexuality is just this process. It’s not at all easy to clean up our sexuality. We’ve literally been in the dark with it. So the tendency has been to place it under restrictions and taboos, and pretend it’s not there. What has happened over the centuries is that immense damage has been done under the cover of this darkness that is only now beginning to surface.

Whenever you are offered unsolicited wisdom or insight, pay attention to yourself. Trust the small voice in your heart. If it doesn’t feel right for you, then it’s not.

Image by dvarg on 123RF