Partnering with Spiritual Intelligence

I always had a conviction that magic hides within all of us. That conviction has driven me to explore how I can access that magic for myself, and share the process. This exploration is nothing less than a journey of self-empowerment that continues to reveal itself as a partnership with Spiritual Intelligence. It’s often been a challenge as well as a delight. The delight of sharing discoveries and negotiating the challenges along this self-empowerment path informs all the practices and processes I offer.

Partnering with Spiritual Intelligence is essentially about living in alignment Source ... in alignment with your inner wisdom, the wisdom of your heart, and grounding your soul's energy into your physical reality.

This means withdrawing your energy from any undermining programming that runs your life through the medium of fear. Committing to that process enables you to discover, and be, the best version of yourself in all aspects of your life.

To do this requires a transition into a different level of consciousness from that where the old programming lives. That level of consciousness is beyond what's generally understood as intellect, or emotional intelligence. It's facilitated by partnering with what can be called your Spiritual Intelligence. A fundamental practice to support this is the use of Intentional Narrative Protocols.

Spiritual Intelligence is heart-felt intelligence. It doesn’t compute in the everyday mainstream concept of reality. Opening up to allow this intelligence to inform you, shifts your entire sense of who you are. It enables your unique gifts to fully surface and flourish.

Intentional Narrative Protocols

This is the practice of using the spoken word to affirm the spiritual partnership and invite your I Am presence (Divine Intelligence) to intervene in your lived experience.

Without permission there can be no intervention, because of the inherent integrity of the I Am that inhabits you, in the spiritual partnership.

You are actually empowered by default. You can reject any intervention from your Divine I Am Intelligence. You can also reject any other energetic interference, but you have to learn to identify it and take responsibility for dealing with it.


Altazar’s Newsletter

I also provide an occasional newsletter offering general support for negotiating the current transition in human consciousness that’s playing out across the planet. This is not a regular newsletter, either in content or timing. You will not be bombarded with emails.


A selection of recordings from previous internet presentations is available on YouTube. This includes webinars and protocol practices to support the processes of self-empowerment and negotiating the collapsing old reality paradigm.