Partnering with Spiritual Intelligence
~ Grounding the Soul

A practical guide supporting the awakening, empowerment and expansion of human consciousness. This book embraces the underlying metaphysical and multi-dimensional aspects of existence that are largely ignored in everyday life, but which nevertheless influence how you function in the world. The integration of personal life experiences makes the transformational process attainable and real.

If you make it your intent as you read, this book will support your attunement with the unique expression of Spiritual Intelligence as it manifests through you. You may not like, or agree, with everything you read here. That’s as it should be. Anything that challenges you is an invitation to question your beliefs and identify your own mastery and unique wisdom – and express these qualities with love.


Developing Spiritual Intelligence
~ The Power of You

Updated version of the original book, pioneering the process protocols that where shared in an innovative facilitator training programme by the Shapers of Education Foundation in the Netherlands; first published in 2006. A passionate and comprehensive work considering not only what spiritual intelligence is, but how to develop a practical awareness of it. It integrates the spiritual dimension into our complex mental world, bringing it down to earth and enabling us to live to our potential. Demystifying spirituality, it explains the role of the soul in our everyday world. Also available in Dutch translation. MORE


The Nine Degrees of Autism
~ Chapter 8, The sixth degree of autism – resolution to live with autism: the crisis of identity 

The Nine Degrees of Autism is a compilation of essays that present a positive tool for understanding the developmental process of autism, and facilitates the improved mental health and well-being of individuals on the spectrum.

The ground-breaking model charts nine distinct stages of development – from pre-identification to learning to live with changes in self-image following a late diagnosis, through to self-acceptance and wellbeing. Using the model as a framework each chapter focuses on a particular stage