FEAR is the path to the DARK SIDE

FEAR is the path to the DARK SIDE … … This concept was introduced into popular culture via Jedi Master Yoda in the 1980 movie, “The Empire Strikes Back”. It’s been quoted … and challenged … many times. It may not be a perfect analysis, but it contains a seed of awareness that points to a shift in consciousness. Suppression of the organic truth of existence by an external force is called oppression. When oppression is backed up by violence and aggression it makes self-suppression (repression) vital for approval, acceptance … and survival. Fear (of consequences) becomes an existential paradigm. Repression builds up an internal charge of energy with nowhere to go. That charge is a containment of the life-force of being … the inner power of our beingness. This energy has its own intelligence. It knows suppressing it is out of integrity with… Read moreFEAR is the path to the DARK SIDE