… I’m no saint. There have been times when I felt so outraged by the system I exist within that I wanted to wreck it completely.

The tyranny of that outrage governed the way I lived for many years. It took a lot of inner work to recognise that outrage is EXACTLY what the system is designed to trigger, so that I stay imprisoned by it.

This prison has no walls or bars. It’s comprised entirely of conditioned mind-sets, belief systems and victim consciousness.

It’s like an invisible spider’s web of deceptions and unremedied misconceptions that saturates the environment … the energy environment. It informs what we’ve come to know as THE MATRIX.

… One of the deceptions is that you can get free of the system by achieving system-defined material success. This tells us the system works in our favour if we apply ourselves within it …

… One of the deceptions is that the system defends our rights and freedoms. This is used to restrict our freedom by scaring us into compliance, for our own good … and the good of all.

… One of the deceptions is to educate [condition] us through a scientific paradigm, to believe that the energy environment [psycho-energetic field] is the stuff of superstition and nonsense.

This disconnects us from our inner truth. It “gaslights” us into believing we’re wrong if we dare to think outside the system parameters. We’re punished if we do.

The “gaslighting” and punishment process used to be the province of religion. But “science” is rapidly taking over this duty.

Once any of this is seen it’s impossible to un-see, and it becomes evident the system not only lives around us but also within us. And that means the system cannot be destroyed by fighting it, resisting it, or overcome by ignoring it.

It has to be deconstructed from the inside … the inside of us [me and you].

And because the system exists beyond intellectual understanding that deconstruction work has to be undertaken energetically. This is exactly why the system sets up an existential paradigm that makes learning about our inner energy structure, and managing it for ourselves, problematic.

We have to step out of the regular consensus and consider exploring ourselves in ways that our families, friends and colleagues might tell us are mad. And we have to recognise that we might have thought others mad for doing this before we took those steps ourselves.

This kind of awakening is personal and private … The mainstream conditioning regards it as foolish to the point of requiring psychiatric medication … And that keeps it personal and private.

Fortunately many ways of working with our personal energy are available. Some of these are not obvious, but simply committing to focus on the joy of life – even when things look grim – is one of the most effective.

Deeper practices are generally required once things start to shift and there are no rules for how to approach this. Wanting to know the “how” is what keeps things stuck.

What’s important is to DECIDE that you’re going to be all you can be, whatever that is and whatever it takes. The “hows” then manifest as and only when you need them.