This is the clarion call of the dark agenda polarity that lies underneath all the fear narratives being pumped into the wider collective consensus reality.

Over the years many energy-sensitives and lightworkers have been vulnerable to attachments, without realising it.

Those attachments actually “do good” as a way of remaining undiscovered. They feed on our Source connection, and at the same time they masquerade as that Source connection.

The more we reach for our true sovereign connection, the more difficult it is for those attachments to remain hidden. They then act up and THEIR FEAR manifests through the host.

That comes out as what’s often called “the dark night of the Soul” where the entire world [internal and external] goes to ratshit … and the mind goes into a flat spin around ideas of insanity and dying.

This process causes many experienced “lightworkers” to step away from their true light and stay with the feeling of safety and security that their attachments provide.

The darker polarities attempt to seduce us with EVERYTHING they know, especially what we like and value … And that includes what we’ve learned to value and consider “good”

They will often facilitate miraculous “healings” and apparent transformations, to keep us distracted and stop us owning our individual sovereign power. It’s where we can be seriously challenged to stay in integrity with ourselves, because it looks like we’re being Divinely guided and want to surrender to that “guidance”.

Anything that scares you away from expressing your wisdom … your connection with Source … that triggers fear of your inner magic …  that tells you your sovereign power is dangerous … is a strategic disempowerment.

Claiming the sovereignty of your Soul connection with Source is something the darker polarity consciousness is deathly afraid of. So every opportunity to sabotage your sovereignty will be fully exploited.

The manifestation of FEAR is the clearest indication of this. It’s what the systemic dominator ideologies are throwing at us indiscriminately and extensively in a scatter-gun tactic.

The twelve-syllable Guru Rinpoche mantra …


… is very helpful as a stabiliser for whenever fear arises within. Repeating it internally will shift your frequency out of the lower levels of fear, and enable you to function in spite of what’s present in your environment.

Learning to inhabit the mystery of your magic … the mystery of your unique mastery … is what the Energy Mastery Mystery School is about.

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