Energy Led Group Facilitation

This training is intended for those who have considerable experience of personal process work and who have already stepped into leading transformative groups of one kind or another. It is expected to be of particular interest to students who have completed the Self-Empowerment Trainings of Altazar Rossiter, the .into me I see Training of Rianne Manten, or have completed the Transformational Coach Training of Robert Bridgeman.

It is co-facilitated by Altazar Rossiter and Rianne Manten

The intent of the Energy Led Group Facilitator Training is to embrace the paradox of leading group processes from a place of surrender. This requires an understanding of energetic workings at all levels, through lived and embodied experience.

This training supports you to trust your own process, and trust yourself in the process. It supports you to "build more embodiment' of your own energy. Whether you teach yoga, meditation, breath work, family constellations or another kind of group transformational process, it’s an energetic skill and it takes practice.

It can be an intense challenge to allow the energy to inform you … TO LEAD YOU … rather than operate from what you already know. It's a skill that requires you to take responsibility for being present and part of the process. You have to own your choices so you stay in alignment with yourself.

The programme has been created to facilitate the following:

Allowing your system to generate the field for transformation to occur

Standing comfortably in your own power / truth, so you operate from your zero point consciousness

Developing your ability to stay present as a facilitator in group energy and confusion

~  Trusting your ability to contribute through your presence, without agenda or attachment to outcome

Recognising group energy-flows and how your system responds

Opening up to and owning your unique path and wisdom as a facilitator will deepen your unique partnership with Spiritual / Universal / Divine Intelligence. It will also help you recognise the essential difference between teaching and facilitating.

There is a mix of off-line (physical live) and online teaching and processing days.
All days are complete days between 09.30 – 17.30.

The course comprises ...
Teaching and facilitation by Altazar and Rianne
Break-out rooms online with own practices of facilitation.
Each practice break-out room will be provide a different mix of participants and energy interaction.
Live group facilitation by Altazar and Rianne [these will include “bring a friend” sessions], so we're not simply regurgitating our own old issues.
Live practice of facilitation by participants in supported sacred space of Altazar and Rianne.
Online teaching content available in the Digital Bridgeman Academy.

The main language throughout the course will be English, but there will be ample Nederlands translation support.

A personal application is required, followed in some cases by an interview.

To register email: