Workshops & Courses

Workshops and courses are continually evolving. Those shown here represent the range currently on offer. The list may change from time to time as new inspiration manifests and informs the scope of work.

Grounding Your Soul's Energy

A one-day workshop supporting you in the evolution of your consciousness and your connection with Source

~ Is there a constant nagging tension between the life you lead and your Soul's calling?

~ Are you sensitive to energies and continually feeling overwhelmed by the world you live in?

~ Do you wish you could follow your intuitive knowing more closely than you do now?

The human soul is a mighty energy, a multi-dimensional creative force to be reckoned with. Much of human history has been under the influence of organisations that serve to keep that creative force controlled, or suppressed.

The residual effects of this suppression persist energetically, programmed into your soul and ancestral memories [your Akashic record and genome/DNA coding]. These memories are inaccessible intellectually, yet they can continue to condition the expression of your deepest truth and how you interact with others. MORE

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Starseed Integration

A two-day intensive supporting the trans-dimensional transition in human consciousness

Many people know inherently that they are much more than they’re allowed to believe, and struggle to open up to an expanded consciousness.

The vibrational environment has been so dense here on Earth that accessing multi-dimensional aspects of ourselves has been very difficult, if not impossible.

~ Have you wondered why you’re here?

~ Have you grappled with the insanity of the world?

~ Are the spiritual practices you've relied on becoming less effective?

Our cosmic memories are out of reach. Most of the perspectives of our reality offered to us as “normal” sustain this condition. That’s why so many people feel totally lost here on this planet.

There are aspects of us that are not exactly here walking around in a body., yet they’re part of our multi-dimensional beingness. These are the aspects whose vibration would be too strong for the physical Earth reality to contain.

The old energy paradigms of earthly existence are becoming obsolete. This two-day intensive is created to support the process of growing beyond these paradigms and integrate more of our multi-dimensionality into our everyday existence.. It is open by application, to experienced lightworkers who are already aware of a calling to be part of the trans-dimensional transition. MORE

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Reclaim Your Sovereignty ~ Shift Your Reality

A four-day intensive exploring the origins of humankind and the hidden potential to expand consciousness

~ Are you ready to embrace a profound shift in your concept of the reality you inhabit?

~ Are you hungry for insights, wisdom and experiences that stretch your understanding of who you are and where you come from?

~ Do you desire to develop your spiritual evolutionary process significantly?

This intensive has evolved from the familiar practices of partnering with Spiritual Intelligence shared in regular workshops and in the Mystery School.

It is open by application, to experienced lightworkers who are ready delve into the mysteries of the spiritual and biological genesis of humankind.

A detailed set of notes is provided for pre-reading, with references for further research. The notes outline the background of human origins from a perspective that goes beyond mainstream conventions.

The final ceremony is a Declaration of Sovereignty. This is a powerful statement of intent reclaiming the freedom and autonomy of the human spirit, your connection with Source, and to eliminate the psycho-energetic practices and influences that undermine your discovery and expression of your true self. MORE

Your Sovereignty is your right to exercise your innate ability to determine and govern the expression of your Soul, your spiritual intelligence, your I Am presence, throughout your entire existence

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Self-Empowerment Mystery School and Facilitator Training

A closed group deep exploration of the essence of who you are

This course is aligned with the new energy paradigm of self-empowerment that’s now arising in human consciousness.

That paradigm is already reaching beyond traditional spiritual practices, pushing humanity to evolve new ways of being and interacting with Universal / Spiritual Intelligence in co-creative partnership.

Working with the energies of Spiritual Intelligence, this training programme covers a wide range of issues that interfere with the process of self-empowerment Throughout the programme, you will be guided to trust the flow of your own energy, intuition and discernment.

This is intended to enable you to function more effectively, in greater alignment with your essential core energy, and ultimately embrace your own mastery. You must be able to hold space for your own process, then you can hold space for others.

This is a challenging course that requires commitment to look into personal shadows, and let go of personal agendas. It is open by application, to people with experience of deep inner exploration.

The course comprises ten days of workshops over four weekends spaced at intervals of 4 - 6 weeks. Check-in webinars are scheduled between the weekend sessions. Additional notes and practices are provided according to the interactive development of the group. MORE

A personal application is required, followed in some cases by an interview.

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six audio podcasts to assist you in grounding and holding your own centre