Energy Mastery Mystery School

The Mystery School has been running successfully since 2016. Over that period it’s grown and expanded to embrace the transitional spirit of the times. In parallel with the Mystery School other self-empowerment practices have been shared separately, although they were always an extension of the Mystery School. These extensions are now fully integrated into the Energy Mastery Mystery School. 

The Energy Mastery Mystery School runs over a full year [20 training days] in ten two-day intensives. The course is arranged to provide a step-by-step sequence that begins by exploring the obstacles to connection with Source, the expression of personal truth and self-empowerment.

Spontaneous Free-Flow sessions establish the practice of partnering with Spiritual Intelligence. This follows the energy of what is actually present in the group, in the room. Advanced protocol formats will be shared that include dealing with other lifetimes and dimensions, Soul memories, cellular memories and DNA coding. You will be encouraged to practice this method for yourself as well as in one-on-one transformative practice.

Directed sessions and ceremonies to strengthen and manage your personal energy field will be sandwiched between the Free Flow sessions. These apply carefully scripted protocols that connect with higher frequency aspects of our beings.

The entire course provides a comprehensive self-empowerment and energy-management package that will serve you throughout your life. By attending this Mystery School you will learn to read and manage your own energy field. You will also learn to read the collective energy field of the group, and the world at large. You will learn to stay aligned and connected with your I Am Spiritual Intelligence …
… as a Fractal of Source, an Agent of Source in Action.

The Energy Mastery Mystery School includes expanded teachings, ceremonies and protocols for Merkaba [Lightbody] activation, Starseed Integration, Reclaiming Your Spiritual/Energetic Sovereignty shifting your perception of reality] and Universal Energy Attunement. All of these facilities were previously presented in stand-alone workshops and intensives.

Merkaba (Lightbody) Activation Ceremony: By consciously activating your Merkaba you stabilise your energy fields and optimise your presence in the Earth environment. This reduces the tendency to drift with the collective and establishes a solid foundation for your soul’s energy to incarnate in your body.

Starseed Integration: Starseed Integration is about expanding your consciousness to consider aspects of your being that may originate from extra-terrestrial sources. We consider what your Soul has experienced when it hasn’t been incarnated here on Earth. This engages the multi-dimensional essence of your being and supports the optimum expression of that beingness in your lived Earth reality.

Reclaim Your Sovereignty: Your sovereignty is your ultimate right to be empowered with the light, the love and the truth of your entire being. It’s your entitlement to inhabit the cosmic brilliance of who you are as a conscious physical being. You have never been without that right, but its existence has been concealed from humankind since the beginning. The same concealment has been applied to the direct connection with Source.

These attributes have been programmed out of human awareness. That programming has supported indoctrination and beliefs that defeat all attempts at self-empowerment. The shift in the ages that is now upon us creates a magical opportunity to move forward into a new self-empowered consciousness.

Universal Energy Attunement: This special workshop shares original methods for direct self-attunement to Universal Energy. It provides a short that can be adopted as an everyday everyday practice.

This includes generic master level Reiki attunement, and attunement to three other specific energy frequencies: the Golden Ray, the Diamond Ray and the Sapphire Ray.

Applications are invited from those committed to exploring and expressing the deeper the truth of their being. You have probably already completed at least two years transformative personal development.

If you have not worked with me before it is necessary that we have a preliminary conversation before you join the course.

Phase 2

After the first year [Phase 1], there’s an option to step into the role of mentor in the five Free-Flow sessions for a second (or further) year.

This is an opportunity to deepen your own process and understanding of group energy work. Please email for more information about this.


For more information and registration contact the secretary at Bridgeman via

Prior to the final registration, a questionnaire must be completed (for admission). This form is available from the secretary.

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SESSION 1:    Spontaneous Free-Flow energy process work

SESSION 2:    Merkaba / Lightbody Activation

SESSION 3:    Spontaneous Free-Flow energy process work

SESSION 4:    Starseed Integration practices

SESSION 5:    Spontaneous Free-Flow energy process work

SESSION 6:    Reclaiming Personal Sovereignty / Consensus Reality Matrix awareness & transcendence


SESSION 7:    Reclaiming Personal Sovereignty / Consensus Reality Matrix awareness & Transcendence

SESSION 8:    Spontaneous Free-Flow energy process work

SESSION 9:    Universal Energy Self-Attunement practices

SESSION 10:  Spontaneous Free-Flow energy process work / Course completion