Starseed Integration

Starseed Integration is about expanding your consciousness to consider aspects of your being that may originate from extra-terrestrial sources. It’s about finding the optimum expression of your being in this Earth reality. If you accept that the consciousness entity you call your Soul is eternal, it raises some intriguing questions …

~ What kind of being is it that you call I/me?
~ Where is this being that you call I/me really from?
~ What is this being I call I/me doing here?
~ What were you doing before you entered this physical body that you’re walking around in at the moment.
~ Where have you been throughout the Cosmos, when you haven’t been incarnated here on Earth?

These questions themselves invite you to stretch your mind beyond what is conventionally understood as reality. There are no answers that would not define you as a little bit weird … even asking them out loud may raise a few eyebrows. And so many of us are driven to search for answers outside convention, generally secretly to begin with.

The term STARSEED can easily be misunderstood. It’s simply one way of engaging with the phenomenon of our multi-dimensional existence. Like all labels it is potentially limiting. Identifying rigidly with any particular one reinforces the paradigm of separation that we find ourselves living within. All terms of this kind therefore, have to be understood as indicative rather than definitive.

The following is offered as a reflection and potential starting point …

Starseeds, and the like, are ENERGY SENSITIVES. They are beings who have had many incarnations in other solar systems and star systems, incarnating on Earth at various times.

These beings tend to be old souls with an ability to access deep spiritual wisdom. Their consciousness is multi-dimensional and inter-dimensional,. Often this is without them realising it. So they struggle to fit in with the conflicted conventions of society: education, family expectation, and the rampant cognitive denial of normality. 

Energy Sensitives frequently present as people who feel a need to keep what they know as an inner truth hidden from the regular world.


Starseeds and other Energy Sensitives generate a collective field for others to inhabit and be able to get on with their missions. That in turn supports personal transformation processes to expand cumulatively, into the collective field through telepathic resonance. This is an energy dance that we’re all a part of.

The intention of this intensive is to help you understand yourself a bit better and find your way a little easier, beyond regular concepts of identity. It will focus on the following areas of interest.

… Multi-dimensional grounding practice / Inner Light Activation [A recording of this will be made available at the end of the two days]
… Shock / Trauma of incarnation into Earth environment
… Contracts with the body [alien configured genome / DNA] to stay in separation from Source
… Combat Fatigue / Lightworker Trauma ~ the effects of consistent defeat by regressive forces over many incarnations.
… Incognito / Undercover operation … staying hidden within oppressive systems and clearing any vows of compliance with them.
… Clearing the imprints of shame and guilt associated with disconnection from Source and abandoning personal truth
… Clearing regressive egregore entity attachments from your bio-energetic system
… Affirmation of Zero-Point Consciousness and the relevance of this attribute to the personal role of an Agent of Source in Action

The intensive is open by application, to experienced Energy Sensitives and evolutionaries who are already aware of a calling to be part of the trans-dimensional transition out of the polarised prisons of consensus reality.

Check availability, apply and BOOK via the Bridgeman website