Merkaba [Lightbody] Activation



Information about the Merkaba, what it is and its purpose, is obscure. In this process, the Light-Body, or Merkaba, is conceived of as a coherent multi-dimensional energy structure that functions as a vehicle for the soul. It facilitates trans-dimensional movement and personal autonomy. It is well outside the conventions of everyday reality.

The Merkaba is part of the esoteric Judeo-Christian tradition of the Kabbalah, but a similar concepts and correspondences can be found in other mystic teaching. The Sri Yantra, from the Hindu tradition has an obvious resonance with the sacred geometries of the Merkaba. And the Tibetan concept of the Rainbow Body can also be interpreted as identifying the same kind of phenomenon.

Your Merkaba responds to the level of conscious awareness you operate at. That's to say its operation is conditioned by your personal vibration and your sense of presence. Your Merkaba also responds to your conscious intent. This means that your every intent has an impact. You are taking responsibility for yourself in a radical way.

There are many implications here for how you function in life. With practice, it will stabilise your fields so that you are less easily pulled off centre. And when you are pulled out of your centre, it will become more noticeable.

Activating your Merkaba will not stop you making mistakes, and those you make may feel far more intense than before.

The principle of the activation offered here is the vibration of Love: Universal Love i.e. Love for all there is, without judgement, prejudice or conditions. This of itself puts it out of the range of the general consensus reality, as it’s not until a degree of detachment from the conditional righteousness of the realities we inhabit that the existence of the Merkaba is relevant.


Elements of the Merkaba activation process are as follows:-

~  Opening meditation
~  Group introductions and statement of intent
~  Outline of general geometric concepts
~  Clearing practice - drawing on the I Am presence
~  Sharing of insights / questions
~  Appreciation / gratitude / blessing practice
~  Stillness
~  Activation Protocol
~  Sharing of insights and experiences
~  Grounding practice
~  Integration practice

The activation protocol provided in this training was triggered by a process I learned in 1996. Since then I’ve been well aware of its importance to the development of my own Spiritual Intelligence.

This has motivated me to seek a way of providing an activation that recognises the mystery of the Merkaba and yet makes it available in an accessible and practical form. It acknowledges the multi-dimensional nature of the human being and supports the trans-dimensional shift in consciousness currently underway in the world.

What is shared in this training has emerged from the way I initially learned for activating my Merkaba and my consistent intention to develop a simplified intuitive practice for sharing it with others.

Extensive supplementary notes are provided for this two-day session along with a recorded version of the activation protocol to support continued practice.