Universal Energy Attunement

A two-day intensive session learning to self-attune directly to Universal Energy

This is a special workshop that shares original methods for direct self-attunement to Universal Energy. This includes generic master level Reiki attunement and attunement to three specific energy frequencies: the Golden Ray, the Diamond Ray and the Sapphire Ray.

Attuning to these energies provides an additional resource for the ongoing personal empowerment process. They support the expression of the true self in all aspects of life, professional and personal. This includes coaching and therapy, however it should be understood that this is not a healer training.

The attunement methods are derived from years of practice and spiritual commitment. They specifically avoid the convention of connecting through a teacher already attuned through another teacher. Instead they are a synthesis of Intentional Narrative Protocol practice that sustains all my workshops and intuitive evolution of the master level Reiki attunement.

Awareness of these attunement methods emerged in a lucid dream just prior to a series of workshops around 2016. They do not not rely on bringing the energy through me but simply use my connection as the catalyst to start the process in others. However, they have only been shared privately until now.


Before the explosion of new age spirituality the concept of Universal Energy was little known in the western world. In eastern cultures there was more awareness.

Various forms and practices have emerged over the years for engaging with the mystery of this energy. Mostly these focus around healing systems, the most widely known being Reiki.

All of these practices are essentially about consciously connecting with, and embodying, the Divine I Am Intelligence that informs us all as Fractals of Source. Any healing that occurs is an effect of that.

The Golden Ray is a part of my personal awakening journey. For me it’s a facility that supports multi-dimensional transformation and freedom from energetic restrictions inherent in the unseen fabric of human existence.

The Diamond Ray presented itself through an international meditation peer group that I meet with regularly. In this context the Diamond Ray facilitates the manifestation of Universal Truth. As such it supports the expression of personal truth and the acknowledgement of the inherent truth of each being.

The Sapphire Ray is another resource that emerged through the international peer group that I connect with. This ray facilitates the intention to operate outside space-time ... in the Eternal Now.

These rays have their own intelligence. They operate beyond the physical realm in partnership with, and through the direction of, your multi-dimentional I Am presence. This enables them to flow to where they are most effective.

The attunements are offered as repeatable self-empowerment practices with humility and gratitude for what the energies have brought me.


The vibrational frequency of the energies involved in this workshop is intense. It's a compact programme, so personal process time is limited during the two-days we're together. Allowance should be made for integration time following the workshop.

Where this is offered as a stand alone workshop it is only recommended for those with a strong commitment to their personal empowerment process, and with at least two years' experience of the impact of that journey on their lives.

The two-day programme includes ...

Protocol for releasing the potential interference of human filters that might have accumulated in your energy system

Protocol for clearing resistance and obstacles to direct attunement to Universal Energy

Attunement protocol and practice utilising the four primary symbols taught as Reiki - Power; Mental/Emotional; Distance; Master

Attunement practice for the Golden Ray of Spiritual Empowerment

Attunement practice for the Diamond Ray of Universal Truth

Attunement practice for the Sapphire Ray of coherence with Unity Consciousness

Practice Notes [19 page manual in .pdf form]


I received my primary initiation as a Reiki Master in 1995. I subsequently exchanged master initiations with five other Reiki Masters. Following that I practised and taught Reiki as a method of healing for a number of years.

During that time I realised that the connection with Universal Energy is the fundamental spiritual practice that supports all healing, self-empowerment and transformative processes. Healing is actually a side effect. In parallel with this understanding I began to develop the practice of partnering with Divine or Universal Intelligence through speaking intention aloud.

I became aware of the Golden Ray shortly after my first Reiki Master initiation. Although I seldom share this explicitly explicit, it has informed all the all the healing and transformational work I’ve engaged in and shared since then.

Supporting the transformative self-empowerment of human consciousness has become my primary focus. Sharing these Universal Energy Attunement practices is part of the ongoing evolution of that work.

Much that is of spiritual value is outside the realm of mainstream knowledge. I like to leave those things as the mysteries they are. Needing to know all about them somehow undermines the energy of the experience. What I've learned by trusting the flow of these energies is that my life experience continues to unfold in ways that are far better than I could have imagined.