Hidden Control System

This two-day special retreat intensive provides a strategy for recognising the unconscious existential decisions that still govern how you allow yourself to be in the world. It shares practices designed to liberate you from the tyranny of those decisions and from the triggers and reactions associated with them.

… into a human body you make a set of unconscious decisions about how and who you must be to survive here. These are foundational existential decisions based on your feeling experience of the energies present in this physical reality.

The reality existed prior to your arrival. It relates to the social conditions and values of those already here, with whom you apparently share the reality … and upon whom you depend.

The decisions made in those circumstances were relevant to your experience in the moment. They may have been perfectly relevant for you in your early years, but they’re seldom a blueprint for a balanced adult life.

They were made at a time before you were able or permitted to take responsibility for yourself. Not only that, but they were mostly made before you could speak, let alone think cognitively. So they are not easily traced. Consequently they perpetuate a sense of being a victim of circumstance and being powerless to change … because that’s the energy signature of their fabrication.

… And this situation persists, until you recognise that sometimes you behave in ways that perpetuate your [traumatised] sense of powerlessness and decide to change that.

Maybe you can sometimes see and feel yourself triggered into reactions that do not a fit the truth of who you are, but you are unable to stop the process. Those triggers and reactions are really only messages; information that you are operating according to a set of rules and ideals that have no relevance to the truth of who you are.

The exploration will consider the following aspects …

… The basic driver programming that you operating through.

… The hidden beliefs that support this programming.

… How the decisions behind the programming have been imported into your sense of who you are – your self-identity.

… How this programming controls the way you allow yourself to express in your world.

… Recognising the sense of frustration / resignation / powerlessness that discourages attempts to dissolve this programming.

… Neutralising the triggers, reactions and the effects of trauma associated with this hidden control system.

… How this control system is inherently sustained in the collective unconscious matrix through the polarity paradigm of approval/disapproval.

… How the approval/disapproval polarity is embedded in the social order to ensure compliance by coercion through fear, guilt and shame.

… The accumulative impact of this conditioning through other lifetimes where they have been encountered.

This retreat intensive will use the five basic driver patterns, identified by Eric Berne in his theories of Transactional Analysis, as a starting point / doorway into this realm.

It will explore the energy of the territory using the methodology of specially scripted intentional narrative protocols.

It will offer a process to reconfigure [y]our energy system to recognise these programmes as they operate in your world and liberate you from the need to comply with them.

We will also follow the energy present in the moment to address issues arising specifically within the group field.


This is an advanced energy-led process based workshop. That will only be run very occasionally. It is not suitable for beginners. It is intended to support those who are familiar with Altazar’s working methods, and those who are experienced in the challenges that committed inner exploration involves.

Attendance is by application.