Spiritual Intelligence

It is not possible to solve the deeper problems in life
at the level of consciousness where they were created.

Learning to partner with your multi-dimensional self will provide you with a transformational leap in your capacity to be true to yourself. It will move you beyond what you can know intellectually, and inform all your interactions.

Your multi-dimensional self is where your Spiritual Intelligence operates, connecting you with the entirety of existence. It inhabits your body and at the same time your body lives within its field.

Only because Spiritual Intelligence is outside current mainstream thinking does it seem mysterious – and mystical. It manifests through the intuitive faculties that everyone has, even though these faculties may be dormant.

Allowing Spiritual Intelligence to inform your everyday life changes the level of consciousness at which you interact with the world. It brings you into contact with yourself in ways that stretch your mind. It facilitates an understanding of what it really means to be authentic ~ true to yourself.

Deciding to be true to yourself often follows a recognition that you’ve been following a path that others chose for you, rather than one that makes your heart sing. Coming to this realisation is no easy matter. It can feel devastating. Getting beyond it requires a consciousness different from the one that it originated from.

Partnering with your Spiritual Intelligence enables you to make those extraordinary changes in your life that being true to yourself demands. Spiritual Intelligence also helps you to know when the time for those changes has arrived.

The Book

Available in English and in Dutch translation

Book Cover [Dutch]

The basic guidelines for partnering with your Spiritual Intelligence are provided in the book, Developing Spiritual Intelligence.

There are a number of simple protocols which will enable you to effect profound changes in your life experience. These protocols are carefully structured to use the latent power of words for healing emotional wounds, and for clearing the hidden barriers to creative expression.

Working with these will increasingly enable you to maintain mental and emotional coherence in stressful situations. It will establish a foundation for incorporating Spiritual Intelligence into all your interactions with the world.

Spiritual Intelligence is particularly relevant to navigating the intense transitions that life can force upon us. Those transitions are often accompanied by what is sometimes referred to as the dark night of the soul. When this happens, your identity is deconstructing itself and you might benefit from less conventional forms of intervention. Confidential support from someone who has walked this path for themselves is invaluable; contact me to explore how I can provide this for you.