What’s Coming Next

WHAT’S COMING NEXT? …  I saw this headline on a recent article, but it was preceded by “THIS IS …” and it occurred to me that nobody actually knows. Because the future reality is unfolding according to the frequency of its creators. Those creators are us, you and me. And our frequencies are shifting … evolving … all the time. So the future reality that we manifest is also evolving. This evolution is a living expression of the inherent creativity that inhabits the beingness of humankind. It’s actually awakening now and we’re beginning to see its potential. However there are many distressing predictions offered in the terms indicated above: “THIS IS WHAT’S COMING NEXT!!!”. Most of these predictions exploit a fear of what could happen, if some form of corrective action is not taken. They’re marketed incessantly by both our official and unofficial information… Read moreWhat’s Coming Next