… Recently I put out a newsletter that was less coherent than I would have liked. Several links in the text completely dropped off on sending. Additionally, my partner also lost some website edits on the same day.

This was a bit irritating, but when we sat with it we could feel an energy of interference present. We also recognised that many people who support the current transition in human consciousness have similar experiences.

Interference of this kind is easily written off as a temporary technical glitch. However, it’s suspicious when it appears to occur coherently or consistently.

There are several, if not many “layers” to the psycho-energetic environment of this Earth reality. Awareness of this develops as we grow into ourselves consciously, and until we do it can seem an imagined nonsense.

Collective conditioning supports that idea of imagined nonsense for the entire realm of subtle energies. That’s a psychological device [a systemic psyop] that allows activity in those realms to go unnoticed … and misaligned intentions to thrive.

In collaboration with a peer support group, I noticed that those layers of our psycho-energetic environment are somehow monitored.

I know that seems like paranoid victim-consciousness. But it’s an observation that fits, especially when precautions are taken to avoid detection.

The monitoring does not appear to operate consciously. It’s more like an energetic minefield left behind by retreating factions … the controlling intelligences that have presided over this planet for eons.

It seems that there are tags, trip-wires, and alarms that trigger automatic psycho-energetic responses [psychic attacks] if certain levels of consciousness are breached.

The attacks are impersonal but can be intense. They generate distractions which take attention away from our Source connection.

They destabilise in ways that look like trivial accidents [sometimes not so trivial]. They can actually institute physical problems and in extreme cases initiate a transition from the body.

They are strategic mechanisms designed to maintain the frequency of collective consciousness below that required to establish universal self-empowerment. And they’re completely “out of sight’.

Awareness of just the possibility that this is true, is an expansion in consciousness that can set off this hidden alarm system. But that awareness is also the key to eluding it.

One of the ways to do that is through an affirmed intention to align with Source so that a consciousness frequency is achieved that’s beyond the range of detection of any psycho-energetic monitoring device.

If this is done from a place of awareness without fear, without resentment and without any aspect of enemy patterning, it’s an act of sovereign self-empowerment. What is vital for it to be effective is for ALL elements of combat and conflict to be absent.