Alignment – The New Paradigm

… As an empath I’ve been aware of absorbing the physical, emotional and psychological responses of others.

Because I feel these responses within my system, it’s easy for me to convince myself that they’re mine … and behave as if they are.

That not only applies to pain, but also to pleasure … I was a channel for almost everything in the field around me … seldom to my advantage.

Because of my own unresolved anger and resentment towards authorities, this fed into my rebel identity too conveniently.

Over the years it made me the mouthpiece for the anger, resentment and victimhood of others many times.

The pain of others fused with my own unresolved pain. That sustained a very unhealthy mind-set of superiority.

… The new paradigm emerging that humankind is being invited to inhabit now might simply be described as alignment – alignment with Source … alignment with the flow of our own energy as Agents of Source in Action.

Often we’re simply aligned with the vibration that we like the best, because it feeds an identity we like to inhabit. It appeals to our ego definition of ourselves … and we convince ourselves we’re in alignment with a deeper truth.

… How do we know if we’re aligned with Source or a distraction?

The answer is that without awareness of our own patterns and prejudices, we don’t. And even then it takes practice … at least that’s been my experience.

Although I have to admit there were times when I knew I was caught in the agenda of another, or a collective, that offended my sense of truth. And I was ashamed of my inability [or unwillingness] to honour my truth.

Shame is corrosive. It eats away at self-belief and self-esteem, eroding self-trust from the inside.

It’s taken a lot of self-reflection and floods of tears to come to a place of balance and forgive myself for that.

This is why I do my best to share a space in my workshops where it’s possible to develop that awareness, and explore the necessary practice. Of course I do my best live these principles anyway, but not always successfully.

Being out of alignment with ourselves to comply with a social order or cultural expectation … or merely to please someone else … is a process of self-harm.

It’s made invisible by the conventions of the company we keep, and the programmes of compliance that plague the psycho-energetic environment we live in. This is the real pollution that requires cleaning up.

And that happens by each of us deciding to clear our own system … to align with our Divine Brilliance. As we do, we radiate an energy that gives others permission and supports them to do the same for themselves.

Curiously, just in doing this for ourselves, we’re actually doing it for everyone. This may be how we generate a new paradigm of expanded consciousness … without trying.