Alignment – The New Paradigm

… As an empath I’ve been aware of absorbing the physical, emotional and psychological responses of others. Because I feel these responses within my system, it’s easy for me to convince myself that they’re mine … and behave as if they are. That not only applies to pain, but also to pleasure … I was a channel for almost everything in the field around me … seldom to my advantage. Because of my own unresolved anger and resentment towards authorities, this fed into my rebel identity too conveniently. Over the years it made me the mouthpiece for the anger, resentment and victimhood of others many times. The pain of others fused with my own unresolved pain. That sustained a very unhealthy mind-set of superiority. … The new paradigm emerging that humankind is being invited to inhabit now might simply be described as alignment –… Read moreAlignment – The New Paradigm

The Seduction of Safety

This phrase ‘the seduction of safety’ occurs in Mary Oliver’s poem The Journey and it suddenly struck me as identifying a significant problem for many of us. That problem is the belief that the world is a dangerous place, and it’s not safe to be here actually alive in a physical body. This belief informs the matrix of existence here on earth, almost universally. It gives rise to a culture of fear that supports notions of ‘security’ on an industrial scale. It might even be dangerous to read this article.

This Heartbreaking World

I like to do crossword puzzles, I always have. There’s something about manipulating words and extracting obscured meanings that fascinates me. And just as I was wondering what this article needed to be about I came across a crossword clue that gave me the answer. The clue was the title above: This heartbreaking world (5). And the solution, if you’re not there ahead of me, is EARTH, because if you take the word HEART, break it up and rearrange the letters they make the word EARTH. Few of us haven’t experienced heartbreak of one form or another. But heartbreak isn’t the real issue, it’s what you do with it that matters. It’s the interpretations you make and the significance you attach to these that inform [in-form] you, and condition the life you lead. There’s no denying the agony of heartbreak. It devastates your inner… Read moreThis Heartbreaking World