From a really early age I recognised that most of the social systems I inhabited … or was expected to inhabit … required different versions of me to show up.

So like many people I spent a lot of energy figuring out how to fit in … how to be what was expected … how to gain approval and acceptance … in variety of situations.

Some of that process was beneficial inasmuch as I learned to survive in what seemed like a hostile world. I learned to read the energies of the field around me and interact appropriately.

I became socially adjusted.

But the learning that penetrated deep into my unconscious was that I was not good enough as I am. This is the “sub-text” of almost all social conditioning. It runs through our education systems and the career and employment structures available to us.

This is why the “NOT GOOD ENOUGH” trauma is one of the most persistent and malignant issues that afflict humankind in general.

This trauma is coded into our DNA through our ancestral memories. It slugs our vibrational frequencies so that we’re easily manipulated and controlled through the fear of rejection that it generates.

Intellectual awareness alone cannot shift this, but it is a first step. The power to overcome this resides in our beingness … our connection with Source.

Each of us is unique in this. That’s why nobody can teach you how to manifest it.

That connection comes through your inner knowing, your decision to open to it and your commitment to whatever it takes as you grow into it.

Then, when you decide that you’re good enough for anything, you will be.