Where are you from?

Even as a small child, I was weird. I knew I didn’t come from here. But I couldn’t string together any details about where I actually came from or how I got here.

I felt lost and abandoned. I remember wondering how long I would have to stay, and feeling quite despondent when I learned people lived for an average of around seventy years.

I knew there was so much more to my existence than I could access through the amnesia of incarnation.

And I was really pissed off that none of the people around me [parents \ adults] could tell me anything that made sense of the mystery of being here.

Everyone was focused on the superficial [and not so superficial] practicalities of survival. It wasn’t long before I lost myself in that too.

But those deep existential questions never really disappeared. They just got overwritten with the cultural necessity of at least pretending to fit in … somewhere.

This lasted until I could no longer pretend to fit in. That was the point where I decided to find out who I Am under the veneer of the regular life I’d fashioned for myself.

I’ve been consciously exploring this for something over thirty years and still making new discoveries. Most of those have emerged out of delving into the darkness within and daring to contemplate possibilities outside the boxes of convention.

I still can’t give an absolutely accurate account of where I come from, or who I Am. But I can make more sense of my beingness as I consider a cosmic picture.

That picture offers a radical shift in the concept of beingness. It includes the notion of Starseeds … energy-sensitive beings temporarily inhabiting human form over many lifetimes.

I hesitated even to own this possibility for myself, let alone share it in a world that might question my sanity. But as I investigated further it became increasingly clear that it has relevance.

And sharing the processes of integrating a Starseed heritage into a current life expression has found its way into the deeper work that I facilitate.

It now forms an integral part of the Energy Mastery Mystery School and occasionally there’s an opportunity to offer Starseed Integration as a stand-alone two-day intensive.