Call For Volunteers

So here we are, on this sticky planet … again. Although it may be the first time for some. It’s always a bit of a shock coming into Earth-human form, no matter how many times we’ve done it before.

What are we here for? … What am I here for? …

Those are the deeper questions under the chaos of trying to integrate into whatever culture we find ourselves living in.

I notice those questions surfacing ever more frequently in these transition times. Many of us are becoming more sensitive to the multi-dimensional aspects of ourselves, with few points of reference to ground into adequately.

We’re actually experiencing our reality through an expanding and transitioning consciousness, which asks us to own its mystery.

The Universe is inviting us to reconfigure the parameters of our existence. So sitting in the  old reality is less and less comfortable.

The multi-dimensional aspects of ourselves can include experiences way beyond conventional human existence … other planetary systems … other star systems … as well as this Earth. And somehow it’s important to inhabit all of it.

Established information sources exclude this kind of consideration. But that doesn’t mean it’s not relevant. You can feel if it is, and that feeling is your knowing.

This is where the term STARSEED useful. Yes, it’s a bit flamboyant, but it owns the possibility of existence and experience beyond conventional norms.

STARSEEDS are not ungrounded crazies. They are without exception ENERGY SENSITIVES here to support the ongoing transition in human consciousness.

Just like in the regular human realm, many of our cosmic extra-terrestrial experiences carried trauma that may require processing and healing. Some of the effects of those experiences are now manifesting through the current incarnational cycle.

Processing the cosmic patterns of trauma in our soul memories also releases the corresponding components of earth trauma … and vice versa. That’s because of the multi-dimensional access now manifesting through our consciousness.

We’re on temporary assignment, even though that temporary assignment has lasted thousands of years and many lifetimes.

If you resonate with any of this you may be interested in my next STARSEED INTEGRATION two-day intensive in September.