The Call of the Heart

The socio-economic system we live in promotes a delusional conception: that we can escape the system through the conventional attributes of material success. You know the programme … If we can make enough money to insulate ourselves from the misery of economic slavery in the regular social order, everything will be fine. This is actually supported by manifestation techniques and practices that are often presented as empowerment teachings and wisdom. Those practices promise access to the accoutrements of success within the system as a means to escape it. They indirectly feed the fear of being trapped by the system. This maintains a low existential frequency, which is why the system doesn’t shut them down. They’re bribes. It’s easy to convince ourselves that we’re aligned with the flow of the Universe when we manifest the success we crave. But this is not true … we’ve… Read moreThe Call of the Heart

Where are you from?

Even as a small child, I was weird. I knew I didn’t come from here. But I couldn’t string together any details about where I actually came from or how I got here. I felt lost and abandoned. I remember wondering how long I would have to stay, and feeling quite despondent when I learned people lived for an average of around seventy years. I knew there was so much more to my existence than I could access through the amnesia of incarnation. And I was really pissed off that none of the people around me [parents \ adults] could tell me anything that made sense of the mystery of being here. Everyone was focused on the superficial [and not so superficial] practicalities of survival. It wasn’t long before I lost myself in that too. But those deep existential questions never really disappeared. They… Read moreWhere are you from?

Call For Volunteers

So here we are, on this sticky planet … again. Although it may be the first time for some. It’s always a bit of a shock coming into Earth-human form, no matter how many times we’ve done it before. What are we here for? … What am I here for? … Those are the deeper questions under the chaos of trying to integrate into whatever culture we find ourselves living in. I notice those questions surfacing ever more frequently in these transition times. Many of us are becoming more sensitive to the multi-dimensional aspects of ourselves, with few points of reference to ground into adequately. We’re actually experiencing our reality through an expanding and transitioning consciousness, which asks us to own its mystery. The Universe is inviting us to reconfigure the parameters of our existence. So sitting in the  old reality is less and… Read moreCall For Volunteers