FEAR is the path to the DARK SIDE

FEAR is the path to the DARK SIDE …

… This concept was introduced into popular culture via Jedi Master Yoda in the 1980 movie, “The Empire Strikes Back”. It’s been quoted … and challenged … many times.

It may not be a perfect analysis, but it contains a seed of awareness that points to a shift in consciousness.

Suppression of the organic truth of existence by an external force is called oppression. When oppression is backed up by violence and aggression it makes self-suppression (repression) vital for approval, acceptance … and survival.

Fear (of consequences) becomes an existential paradigm.

Repression builds up an internal charge of energy with nowhere to go. That charge is a containment of the life-force of being … the inner power of our beingness.

This energy has its own intelligence. It knows suppressing it is out of integrity with Source. Without acknowledgement and expression this energy twists in on itself breeding resentment and anger.

Ultimately something breaks, wherever such an environment of fear is persistently imposed and endured. … That break is often violent and catastrophic, as the charge of repressed energy bursts out of its containment.

It is never pretty, especially where it expresses as revenge in the guise of justice. Neither does it heal anything. It simply perpetuates the cycle …


Whatever generates this cycle holds the key, but it’s not overtly present as part of the cycle at this level of awareness.

Suppressing the natural expression of Source energy requires POWER and CONTROL. So this could be where to look.

People who are scared enough will do anything to create the feeling of safety they crave. All who hold a different perspective, belief, or world view will be identified as enemies.

The more afraid people are of their perceived enemies, the more important it becomes to destroy them. They are demonised and de-humanised, to justify the destruction.

An environment where an existential threat is ever present is therefore an ideal control system. Huge populations can be managed by the manipulation of beliefs, and all kinds of abomination and atrocity sanctified in the process.

The desire for power, domination and control is driven by many things, including greed, envy … and fear. It suggests an innate sense of insecurity originating in a reality disconnected from Source.

There is a distinct possibility that this tracks back to the insecurity present in the energies of those who quantum engineered the DNA of the biology we inhabit. Healing this requires high frequencies, compassion and a deep understanding of who we are.

It may be that humankind is invited to share in a trans-dimensional expansion in consciousness that will take us beyond the polarity of enemy programming … if we choose to accept.