Beam Me Up – NOW!!

O.K. So, you’ve tried making contact with the natives, and they’re not friendly. The pollution levels in the atmosphere and general environment are dangerous, and you know you can’t exist for very long on the poison they call food here. But the transporter room is off-line. Right now you’re marooned. Somehow, you’ve got to survive until the rescue team arrives. But there’s a nagging feeling that you are the rescue team, and the rest of the crew, back on the ship have left you to it. Don’t worry, it’s not personal. This world is not hostile, but the consciousness that prevails here is toxic. That’s why the natives are so angry, aggressive, mistrusting, paranoid, neurotic and psychotic. And the longer we stay here the more we become infected with the stuff ourselves. Some of us have spent many tours of duty, lifetimes, doing just… Read moreBeam Me Up – NOW!!

The Culture of Slavery

In our sanitised, everyday, civilised world nobody owns slaves any more. Slavery and forced labour were abolished over 200 years ago in Britain, so it’s perhaps surprising that the practice was not fully outlawed worldwide till 1981.
However, notwithstanding its abolition, slavery persists under the surface of many cultural norms. Acceptance of those norms is often a requisite of good citizenship.

Keep Calm …

Much of humanity is struggling to reconcile the inequalities and disproportionate imbalances that plague our cultures. That struggle creates a richly fertile soil in which resentment, fear, blame, shame, misery, outrage and conflict grow in abundance. It disrupts any sense of calmness, en masse, almost by design.

Riding the Wave of Awakening

It may be time to reconsider your responses to the world you find yourself in. If you’re looking around and don’t care for the options life seems to be offering you; if you’re feeling that nothing fits, so you have to squeeze yourself down into a shape that the rest of the world can accept; if you’ve ever thought there must be something wrong with you to make you unable to just get on with it … it’s possible that you’re here to be on the leading edge of the awakening in consciousness.